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Miel y Petróleo – Jonathan Herrera

Miel y Petróleo / Honey & Gasoline – Jonathan Herrera Soto

October 24–December 18

Reception: October 24, 6-8 p.m.

Herrera Soto explores various relationships between collective memory and historical instances of state-sponsored violence and trauma inflicted on politicized bodies. He constructs print-based objects, installations, and environments that echo lived experiences of those who are no longer with us. Print-based processes translate the content through symbolically revealing the act of remembering in producing tracings and impressions.
Miel y Petróleo / Honey & Gasoline is a collection “Love Poems.” The project in the exhibition consists of a daily exercise in analyzing and questioning notions of love in relation to political violence. As a work of para-fiction, “Love Poem” series shifts between various narratives, jumping to and from various forms of visual languages such as abstract rubbings, text, and images. Herrera Soto uses these compositions to work through his own notions of love in his personal life with family members, romantic partners, beloved friends, and the trauma he observes in his subject matter. The work crystallizes his perception of being intertwined and bound to his subject matter, unable to discern where the work starts and he begins.