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Give to the Max 2022

A message from Katie Clark on our Give to the Max fundraiser:


THANK YOU SO MUCH, everyone!!

We exceeded our goal in this celebratory year where we had donations from over 40 donors!

bar showing 41 donors, 136% of the goal met

We are so moved by your generosity and support. These funds will allow us to continue this work for years to come, and in the immediate future, we can purchase more supplies to help keep people warm and respond to the needs of those we care for, especially as the holidays grow near.

Please reach out if you ever want to connect more or if you want to volunteer. We also love working with groups to organize supply drives or hygiene kit making parties.

Katie Clark standing by the 30th Anniversary Health Commons signTo see a more detailed history of our work, please see this link created by Katie Olsen, Administrative Assistant for the PA Department. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get more updates.

We are so extremely grateful,
Katie Clark DNP, RN

Executive Director of the Augsburg Health Commons and Associate Professor of Nursing