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Student Stories

Nina Robinson ’18Nina Robinson

Major: Exercise Science

“My best experience at Augsburg was being a sports medicine assistant in the athletic training room. Without this experience I would not have considered athletic training as a future career.”

Megan Bergland ’16Megan Bergland

Major: Exercise Science

“The best experience I had during my time at Augsburg was being able to pursue my education and play a varsity collegiate sport. It was difficult to balance school, hockey, and a social life at times, but I was fortunate to have great professors that worked with me whenever I needed it. I was able to meet lifelong friends both in the classroom and on the ice, which allowed me to create many memories during my academic career. More specifically, being apart of the exercise science major at Augsburg I was able to discover my passion for occupational therapy with help from the amazing faculty in the department.”

Michael Kantor ’16Mike Kantor

Major: Exercise Science

“My best experience was the amazing relationships/memories I made with teammates, professors, and other students that allows me the opportunity to enjoy my academics, social life, and athletics.”