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ACTC Tuition Benefit


Tuition Remission through ACTC Programs

Augsburg University, Hamline University, Macalester College, St. Catherine University, and the University of St. Thomas are institutions within the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC).  Under a Memorandum of Understanding, participating institutions offer tuition remission for the dependent children and spouses of eligible employees. Each institution determines the percentage of remission they provide to students accepted through the ACTC program. The lower benefit percentage is effective when the sending and receiving institution remission benefits differ.  See the ACTC Tuition Remission Benefit Percent chart below to determine the percentage of remission provided by each institution.

                                             From Home Campus

To Host Campus


   Institution Augsburg Hamline Macalester St. Catherine St. Thomas
   Augsburg 90% 90% 75% 90%
   Hamline 90% 90% 75% 90%
   Macalester 90% 90% 75% 90%
   St. Catherine 75% 75% 75% 75%
   St. Thomas 90% 90% 90% 75%

The home campus is defined as the institution where the individual seeking the benefit is employed; the host campus is the institution the prospective student is interested in attending.

Summer School Tuition Discount

Full-time employees, their spouses, and dependents may take Summer School courses at a 60% discounted rate of tuition. Part-time employees and their spouses will receive a proportionate tuition discount based on their FTE.

Augsburg University Employees Eligible for Tuition Remission through ACTC

ACTC tuition remission applies to dependent children and spouses of employees. Employees are not eligible to take classes through the ACTC Tuition Program.

Dependent children and spouses may be eligible for the tuition benefit if the employee:

  • Is a regular full-time employee (.75 FTE or greater)
  • Has completed one year of service from a benefits-eligible start date, prior to the start of classes
  • Is seeking tuition remission for qualified dependents (defined by IRS guidelines), who are fully admitted, full-time students in an undergraduate degree program OR are seeking tuition remission for spouses admitted into an undergraduate program (part-time or full-time), working to obtain their first bachelor’s degree

Application Process and Deadlines

Those seeking tuition remission through ACTC should submit the tuition benefit application to the home campus’s Human Resources office at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. The deadline is set by the host campus. Be sure to submit the application early to ensure that Human Resources is able to route the application to the host campus by their remission deadline.

Tuition remission deadlines are as follows:

Host Campus Host Campus Tuition Remission Deadline
Augsburg University May 1
Hamline University May 1
Macalester College March 15
St. Catherine University Start of the Term
St. Thomas University March 1 (Priority Date)

Human Resources will review the completed application form and confirm the employee’s eligibility to participate in the program.  The application will then be sent to the host campus for consideration. The host campus will communicate directly with the employee regarding the application status.

Applications for tuition remission should be completed for each year that the benefit is sought.

Remission Limitations

Please note that eligibility for tuition benefit does not guarantee admission to any institution. The student must submit an admissions application and be accepted to the institution. The student is responsible for payment of all other fees associated with attendance not covered under tuition remission.

ACTC institutions also agreed to maintain a reasonable balance of incoming students (imports) and students going to other institutions (exports). Institutions that are accepting a disproportionately large number of imports will be allowed to cease taking additional students until a balance is reestablished.  Therefore, eligibility in the program, and acceptance into an institution, does not guarantee tuition remission.

Additional Information

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information. If additional information is needed, please contact Human Resources at 612-330-1058 or