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The Study of Structure and Relationships

Mathematics is the study of structure and relationships and provides tools for solving a wide variety of problems. Mathematical language describes our world from the perspectives of the natural, physical, and social sciences. Engaging in mathematical thinking helps strengthen the problem solving and quantitative reasoning skills that are increasingly expected of every member of contemporary society. Moreover, as mathematics has had a formative impact on the development of civilization, it is an important part of a liberal arts education.

Students majoring in Mathematics acquire the skills necessary to serve society through a variety of careers. In addition to acquiring computational and problem solving skills, Mathematics majors at Augsburg develop their abilities to reason abstractly; to conjecture, critique, and justify their assertions; to formulate questions; to investigate open-ended problems; to read and comprehend precise mathematical writing; to speak and write about mathematical ideas; and to experience working in teams on mathematical projects. Students can prepare for graduate school, for work in business, industry, or nonprofit organizations, or for teaching mathematics in grades K-12. Students majoring in many disciplines find it helpful to acquire a minor or a second major in Mathematics.

Students may choose coursework supporting the study of Mathematics as a liberal art (through the BA degree) or choose a more focused program of courses (through the BS degree). BS focus areas include theoretical mathematics, statistics, teaching mathematics, and the application of mathematics to science and engineering, actuarial science, computing, business, or economics. Augsburg’s urban location allows students to gain experience working with mathematics through internships, service learning, and the colloquium course. Augsburg students can also choose to complete a major in Actuarial Science at University of St. Thomas, offered through ACTC.