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Mentor Program

The Pan Asian Student Services Internship and Mentor Program was established in 2009 in alignment with the ASIA scholarship. This program is designed to help new students transition into Augsburg, navigate Augsburg’s college system, and connect with peers by creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

The Pan Asian Student Services Mentor Program pairs incoming students (First Year and/or Transfer undergraduates) with an ASIA Leadership Scholar. All mentors have completed at least 1 full year at Augsburg and completed their peer academic advising training. Which includes the mentor/mentee relationship and responsibility workshop. 


Mentor Model

The goal of this model is to capture group mentoring, as well as individual mentoring, through Family Pods. Family Pods will include several other mentors and mentees that are led by a family leader. This year there are four families in total along with two interns that oversee the entire program. Through the mentorship program, we hope to create and flourish a community here at Augsburg that will help ease incoming first year and transfer students in their undergraduate journey. 



Family Leader (FL)

These students have shown exceptional involvement and great passion in assisting underrepresented students on campus. Family Leaders are the medium between the director and intern of the Pan-Asian Student Services. They are proactive in mentoring their families by providing all of the necessary tools and resources that their mentors need to be successful.



Mentors are responsible for sharing resources and creating a space for intentional relationships with mentees and Family Leaders. These students are interested and committed to the academic success of their peers. Mentors will also work with other mentors to coordinate Family Outings and provide supplemental materials for mentees.



Mentees are typically first years or transfer students who are interested in connecting with peers and have the willingness to engage. Apply to be a mentee!

Please email if you have any questions.