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About Scholastic Connections

Scholastic Connections scholars at the 2019 MSS Scholarship Recognition Dinner (L to R) Scholarship coordinator: Mai Xee Vang; Scholars: Javier Sanchez Romero, Bryam Castillo, Negalo Tulela Nashandi, Amy Luciano Santamaria, Miracle Adebanjo, Hollywood Hermanson, Mai Chia Thao, Mariah Newell

Scholastic Connections is a scholarship program for high-achieving undergraduate students of color at Augsburg University. It is designed to assist students succeed in completing their undergraduate degree and prepare them to be engaged, successful citizens of the world on graduation by facilitating career development and planning.

Scholastic Connections Goals:

  • Self-development: the self-development pillar focuses on supporting scholar’s abilities to deepen their sense of self and apply it to the work they do. This pillar explores identity, personal and family history, saliency, intersectionality, and self in relation to others.
  • Community development: the community development pillar focuses on building and maintaining community. It examines belonging, networking, and relationship building.
  • Post-undergraduate development: the post-undergraduate development pillar focuses on life after college. Students will prepare for their personal and professional journeys after their undergraduate time at Augsburg.

Scholastic Connections has a holistic framework. We acknowledge that each individual has multiple layers, affecting their aspirations and goals. Despite the individuality of each scholar, we work together to articulate our experiences and pursuits.

Additionally, we extend our community beyond the scholars. There is a network of alumni who recognizes, supports, challenges and inspires our scholars. Alumni are invited to participate in workshops and engage in important conversations during the gatherings. Scholars and alumni are encouraged to build relationships outside of Scholastic Connections to gain networking experience and potential mentorship.

Each recipient is awarded $5,000, per academic year.

“We are so proud of the Scholastic Connections program,” Augsburg University President Paul Pribbenow said.  “It honors our intersecting commitments to helping all students succeed at Augsburg, to supporting an intentionally diverse campus community, and to engaging our graduates in the life of the college.  The SC program is an example of Augsburg at its best!”