Faculty Internship Resources

Internship experiences take on a wide variety of forms depending on the discipline, and the interests and needs of the student and the employer. Despite the technical differences in each experience there are some key guiding principles in encouraging student learning. The following resources are designed to support faculty and academic departments in developing internship guidelines and standards for the internships they oversee.

The following are the required steps for students completing internships for academic credit at Augsburg University.


  • After a student secures an internship site, they will meet with their faculty sponsor to receive approval to earn credit for the site and position. During this meeting, student and faculty discuss potential learning goals, department criteria, and academic requirements for the experience.
  • Faculty will indicate anticipated assignments on the internship registration form, but can be edited later on the internship goals form.
  • Department chairs will review and sign off on the registration form.
  • The Strommen Center provides the final signature and explains the university’s internship requirements with the student.
  • Students report the internship site and supervisor information online and watch an orientation video to complete the registration process.
  • Students should register their internship during the term in which they complete the majority of their hours.

Internship Goals

  • Within the first 3 weeks of starting the internship, students are required to submit their official Internship Learning Goals online. A copy of the form will be sent to the student and the faculty sponsor once received.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 80 hours (2 credits) or 160 hours (4 credits) on their internship site.


  • Final evaluations are sent to the student and the internship site supervisor in the last 2 weeks of the semester.
  • Copies of both the student’s self-evaluation and the supervisor’s final evaluation will be sent to the faculty sponsor and the student after they are completed.
  • Faculty sponsors award a traditional grade or “pass” based on the student’s academic reflection work completed during the internship.

Best Practices for Internships

  • Provide samples of internship goals for your discipline, here is a guide for Developing Internship Learning Goals to help students get started.
  • Sample guidelines for Internship journal entries.
  • Sample index for an Internship Portfolio.
  • Offer a department based or interdisciplinary internship seminar to encourage dialogue between students about their internship experience.
  • Conduct a site visit to see the student in their internship environment.
  • Hold a final meeting in-person with the student to discuss the internship.
  • Ask students to update their resume.
  • Encourage students to ask for references (if applicable) and connect with their supervisor through LinkedIn.
  • Additional tips on encouraging final reflection for students: Reflecting on your internship.

Staff in Strommen Career & Internship Services are available to meet with your department to share additional internship best practices. Please contact us at strommen.internships@augsburg.edu or call 612-330-1148 to schedule a meeting with your department.

External Resources for Internship Best Practices


Watch this 2 minute video

Submit Learning Goals

  • Completed form due within 3 weeks from internship start date.
  • Preview the questions before filling out the online form.
  • PSY 400 & SOC 399 students will complete their learning goals in class. All others will fill out the following form.
  • Learning Goals Form.

Final Internship Evaluations

  • As you wrap up your internship, final evaluations will be emailed directly to you and your site supervisor to complete two weeks prior to the end of the semester.
  • Please contact the Strommen Center if you would like your evaluations sent earlier – strommen.internships@augsburg.edu or 612-330-1148.

Reflection Assignment

  • 2 or 4 credit internships: your faculty supervisor will determine the assignments and due dates.
  • 0 credit Augsburg Experience: you will turn in a final reflection paper at the end of the semester. Check your Moodle course for instructions and due dates.


Job and Internship Search Links

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Augsburg’s online job and internship board. Make appointments with our staff, find jobs and internships, register for events, and more!

Student Login:

Use your Inside Augsburg (AugNet) username and password to log into Handshake. If you have any problems with the process, please stop by the Strommen Center, email careers@augsburg.edu, or call 612-330-1148.

If you are a recent graduate, please use the login process for students until your Augsburg email address expires. After that time, please refer to the instructions below for alumni.

Alumni Login:

To access your Handshake account for the first time please contact us at 612-330-1148 or careers@augsburg.edu so that we can update the email address associated with your account.

If you know your Handshake username and password, go to the Handshake login page and enter your current email address to begin.

  • Click “Sign In using Email and Password” and enter your password. Do not use the “Augsburg Login” option unless you have a current Augsburg email address.


Search the Handshake Jobs tab by using the On Campus Jobs filter.




Staffing agencies are third party companies that hire students or graduates for temporary, contract, or permanent positions at other companies.   Many agencies specialize in a particular field, check out which ones may be a good fit for you:

Service Opportunities

The resources listed below are a small sample of what is available to students and alumni who are looking for volunteer service positions after graduation.


Looking for service opportunities while you are a current Augsburg student?

Check out these volunteer posting websites:

Special Populations

Additional internship, job, and program opportunities exist for certain populations of students and graduates.  Review the following links to see if any of these opportunities may be a fit for you!




  • InRoads – This internship program is for ethnically diverse college students interested in careers in business, engineering, computer and information sciences, sales, marketing, allied health care, healthcare management, and retail management
  • Diversity Minnesota  – Job search site and resources




  • OUT for Work– Nonprofit dedicated to educating, preparing, and empowering LGBT college students and allies for the workplace.


Informational Interview

What is an informational interview?

Informational interviewing is a strategy you can use to network and research certain career fields or opportunities within a particular organization.  They provide an opportunity for you to inquire about skill and educational requirements, daily responsibilities, related occupations, typical career paths, and what is most and least satisfying about the work.  In addition, informational interview allow you to observe the work environment, obtain information about the general working conditions and inquire about information not readily available in books or online.

Informational interviewing is not an interview for a job. It can, however, help you focus your job search and assist you in developing important networking relationships within the world of work. Effective use of informational interviewing can help you make important decisions about your career.

Sample Questions to Ask

  • Tell me about your work. What are the activities and responsibilities connected with your job?
  • Please describe a routine day or week. Does this vary by employer?
  • When and in what position did you start?
  • What do you like about your job? What are the pressures, challenges, and frustrations of your work? Is this typical of the field/company?
  • What recommendations do you have for someone who would like to enter this field? Academic preparation? Needed experience?
  • Tell me about your work schedule. How many hours do you routinely work? Are you on a set schedule? Does this position require irregular hours, weekends, evenings, holidays?
  • How much control do you have over your schedule?
  • What entry-level jobs are typical in this career field?
  • How competitive is entry into this field? What is the outlook for future openings?
  • What salary range can one expect at entry-level? What is the salary for an advanced position?
  • What are the advancement possibilities? Is additional education necessary?
  • What professional publications are read by people in this field?
  • What professional organization do people in this field belong to?
  • Who else might you suggest I talk to for additional information? May I use your name to introduce myself?
  • May I contact you if I have further questions? If so, how do you wish to be contacted?

Informational Interview Video – Senior Vice President of Human Performance, Comcast

Visit the Candid Careers website to watch more videos!


What is Networking? 

  • Involves connecting with people who work in a field you are wanting to learn more about or break into
  • Is the most effective way to learn about job positions and obtain job positions
  • Does NOT involve asking for a job
  • It is all about building relationships

 How do you Network?

  • Talk to everyone about your job search or career path
  • Request informational interviews
  • Use social media to find connections – We suggest creating a LinkedIn profile to seek out individuals you are connected to who are in positions or companies you are interested in exploring
  • Attend events or conferences that give you an opportunity to mingle and meet new people in your industry area of interest – check our our events page in Handshake to find and register for upcoming opportunities to network

 Who do you Network with? 

  • Friends and family
  • Augsburg faculty and staff
  • Work contacts
  • Internship connections
  • Professional associations
  • LinkedIn connections

Networking Video

Visit the Candid Careers website to watch more videos!

Preparing for an Interview

Would you like to polish your interview skills?  Click on the following links for a list of interviewing question samples.   To arrange a mock interview, set up an appointment in Handshake.

About You



Working with Others

Your Accomplishments

Your Career Aspirations and Goals

Your Communication Skills

Your Creativity

Your Customer Service

Your Decision Making

Your Judgment

Your Leadership

Your Management Style

Your Personal Interests

Your Planning and Strategy Skills

Your Problem Solving

Your Professionalism

Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Resume Writing Assistance-Drop In Hours

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