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Liberal Arts Foundation

The Liberal Arts Foundation courses introduce students to knowledge and modes of inquiry across a wide range of disciplines and subjects. The course offerings in the liberal arts provide students with opportunities to acquire a broad and solid foundation for more specialized study and professional preparation.

Students choose two courses from two different departments or programs in each domain.  The full list of courses meeting the Liberal Arts Foundation requirement is available online and from the Registrar’s office.  Some majors offering Bachelor of Science degrees are eligible for Core Curriculum waivers, as are students in the Honors Program.  Consult with your academic advisor.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Two courses from two different departments or programs: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Studies. One must be a lab science course.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Two courses from two different departments: Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology


Two courses from two different departments or programs: American Indian, First Nations, and Indigenous Studies, Communication Studies, English, History, Modern Languages (literature and culture courses), Philosophy, Religion, and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies.  Note: A Religion course may not fulfill both a Humanities LAF and a Search for Meaning requirement.

Fine Arts

Two courses or approved activities from two different departments: Art, Music, Film, Theater Arts