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Theresa Reichert, ’23

“In my nursing journey, I have attended 3 different nursing schools and taught nursing as well. Augsburg is by far the best educational experience I’ve ever had. Augsburg’s TCN Program supported my growth in leadership both personally and professionally. At first, I didn’t know what you could do with a degree as a TCN nurse leader, but I quickly applied what I learned as an educator, as a nurse leader, and ultimately by being the change I wished to see in the world as I helped create an entirely new role/position in my healthcare organization. Personally, I grew in confidence and my authentic self was encouraged along the way. Each professor welcomed me, listened deeply, and very clearly cared for each student. They helped me become the best version of myself. I’m proud to be an Auggie. I would recommend this program to anyone who know that there is more out there in nursing, to anyone who knows deep down that healthcare and nursing is missing something and wanted to discover more