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Milken Award Teachers

mea_logoSeven Augsburg teacher-education graduates have received the prestigious Milken Award, which provides public recognition and financial awards to elementary and secondary education professionals who further excellence in education.

The Milken Family Foundation has been recognizing teachers and principals around the country for 20 years for their effectiveness in the classroom, accomplishments outside the classroom, leadership, and the ability to inspire students, teachers, and the community.

Read about our outstanding Auggie teachers and Milken Award recipients:

Stephen Abeth ’04Milken-steve-abenth

Martha Spriggs ’96Martha Spriggs

Kelly Woods ’98Kelly Woods

Tracey Cross ’01Tracey Cross

Jacki Brickman ’97 Jacki Brickman

Maggie Knutson ’91Maggie Knutson

Bradley Board ’70Bradley Board