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Elementary Education Degree Requirements 2023-2024

Major and Licensure Requirements

Elementary Education majors are required to complete the following non-major and major courses. To be licensed they must also complete a student teaching experience. Degree-seeking students follow the Bachelor of Science Liberal Arts Foundation requirements.

Non-departmental Core Courses

AIS 105 – Introduction to American Indian Studies

Math sequence for students

(Do NOT take if seeking 5-8 math endorsement.) MPG 3 prerequisite.

MAT 204 – Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I (fall)

MAT 205 – Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (spring)

Science sequence for students

(Do NOT take if seeking 5-8 general science endorsement.)

Option A is for Day students who do not have college-level science courses in their background.

BIO 102 – The Biological World


PHY 203 – Physics and Earth Science for Elementary Education Teachers

Option B is for weekday, AU, and/or transfer students with at least one college-level science course accepted in transfer, or for weekday students who have already started this sequence.

PHY 203 – Physics and Earth Science for Elementary Education Teachers


EED 203 – Physical Science for Elementary Teachers (summer session, Time 1 only) and EED 200 – Elementary Education Earth Science (summer session, Time 2)


BIO 102 – The Biological World

SCI 110 – Natural Science I (Physical Science)

SCI 111 – Natural Science II (Biological and Earth Science)

Major Courses

Required education courses:

  • EDC 200 – Critical Histories and Philosophies of Education
  • EDC 220 – Educational Technology
  • EED 314 – Transcultural Literacies: An Introduction to Language and Literacy
  • EDC 310 – Learning and Development in an Educational Setting

Elementary Major coursework: (Courses from this point on require admission to the licensure program)

  • ESL 320 – Introduction to Linguistics
  • EED 335 – Multidisciplinary Methods for Elementary Teachers
  • EED 425 – K-6 Language and Literacy Methods: Critical Applications for the Elementary Classroom
  • EED 350 – K-6 Methods: Mathematics
  • EED 360 – K-6 Methods: Science
  • EED 370 – K-6 Social Studies Methods: Decolonizing Curriculum and Classrooms
  • EDC 375 – Learners with Dis/abilities
  • EDC 490 – School and Society or ESL 490 – Language, Culture, and Schools

Student Teaching

Student teaching is required for licensure. Students with an Elementary major who do not complete student teaching can graduate through the Elementary Education non-licensure major or the Interdisciplinary Studies major.

  • EDC 481 – Student Teaching: Initial License for Undergraduate Students (or EDC 482 – Student Teaching: Additional License or Endorsement, for students completing an additional license)
  • EED 489 – Teacher Performance Assessment and Student Teaching Seminar

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Description Search.