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Honors Program

The Augsburg Honors Program offers an adventurous education where students with a passion for ideas can be their best. We offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for students committed to an exceptional higher education.

Augsburg’s Honors Program is unlike any other honors program in the nation because it gives students the resources and freedom to build their own ideal higher education. Students have the opportunity to create their own courses, edit and write for the Augsburg Honors Review for undergraduate scholarship, and learn through small reading groups, research projects, and travel around the world.

Each Honors course has been specifically created for Honors students, and includes a challenging “signature experience” such as writing a play, putting great books on trial, or attending music, theater, and art performances. Honors courses bring in professors from several different departments so students can learn from talented professors teaching their specialties.

For information, contact the Honors Desk at or 612-330-1560.

Honors Program Recognition

Students who complete the Honors Program requirements receive special transcript notation, special graduation recognition, résumé-building positions, and special access to academic advising and career options.

Service and Leadership Opportunities

Honors Desk Staff work at the Honors desk and are crucial to the administration of the program in matters financial, academic, and social.

The Augsburg Honors Review is managed, edited, written, and published by Augsburg Honors students. The Review is a multidisciplinary journal of undergraduate scholarship that accepts submissions from students, selects the best, and publishes the results. Honors students may be staff writers, editors, or managing editors, and use the experience to satisfy their research requirement.

Our students are Informed Citizens, Thoughtful Stewards, Critical Thinkers, and Responsible Leaders.