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Celebrating Another Year of Interfaith at Augsburg


Every Spring Augsburg holds a ceremony called the Interfaith Sending to honor graduating Interfaith Scholars. 

Interfaith Scholars is a specialized course dedicated to teaching students about religious diversity, interfaith peacebuilding, and leadership skills. The course concludes with the Sending to celebrate Augsburg’s commitment to shaping interfaith leaders and the accomplishments of graduating Interfaith Scholars 

This year’s Interfaith Sending was a success. The evening featured a world map that marked the many places across the globe connected to Augsburg’s community and readings selected by students from Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Secular traditions. ( Download Ceremony Readings)

Interfaith and Campus Ministry Team
Ceremony attendees light the world map with candles
Interfaith Scholars read sacred texts and wisdom passages from their traditions

It was a meaningful gathering; a reminder that we are each rooted in cultural and spiritual identities and that our identities are gifts to one another and the communities we participate in.

Thank you to this group of Interfaith Scholars and leaders who will go forth from Augsburg rooted in who they are to share their perspectives, convictions, and gifts with others and create a more caring world.

Congratulations to all the graduating Interfaith Scholars! 

Each senior was gifted a Blessing Blanket at the ceremony by Augsburg Campus Ministry
Graduating Interfaith Scholars with course instructors

Next year we are excited to host the Interfaith Scholars course again. Executive Director and El-Hibri Chair, Najeeba Syeed, will be the instructor for the course. Select class sessions will be opened to the whole campus so students and staff can benefit from interfaith panels and programs connected to the course throughout the year.  We expect it will be a fantastic year of interfaith learning and growth!