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Study Abroad

Each summer, the Master of Arts in Leadership program offers a course that allows students to travel abroad and study leadership practices in other countries.

Registration for ML577 – A Central American Experience is now open for summer 2019


MA in Leadership / Education and MS in Physician Studies programs


His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Ethics for the New Millennium, makes a strong case for the need to cultivate what he calls universal responsibility, based on a fundamental belief that everything we do has a universal dimension – it contributes to the happiness or suffering of others.

Visit the Costa Rican capital of San José to meet with leaders in the field. Program activities include:

  • Exploring Costa Rica
  • Meeting with leaders in government, business, healthcare, social service, education, natural medicine, and the arts
  • Visiting the National University of Costa Rica, La Carpio community, and Costa Rica National Museum
  • Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park, beach, and Central Craft Market

ML 577 Universal Responsibility: A Central American Perspective explores this concept both intellectually and through experience. This Master of Arts in Leadership course, organized through Augsburg’s Center for Global Education and Experience, is open to all Augsburg graduate students.

Through selected readings, discussions, self- assessments, journaling, research, and personal reflection, you will develop your own perspective on what universal responsibility means to you and leadership in your profession.


MA in Leadership / Education: June 29, 2019 – July 7, 2019

MPA: June 29, 2019 – July 10, 2019


MA in Education Estimated Cost

7 nights
8 days

MA in Leadership Estimated Cost

7 nights
8 days

MPA Estimated Cost

11 nights
12 days

Cost includes: Tuition, all accommodations, meals, ground transportation, on-site programming, translations, and international health insurance.

NOT included: Round trip airfare, course textbooks, airport entry/exit fee (approximately $50), and personal expenses.


MARCH 29, 2019 for all programs.


Financial Aid for Study Abroad Programs

Leadership / Education Instructor
Caroline Maguire

MPA Instructor
Holly Levine

CGEE Program Coordinator
Fatimah Kinaphone

Leadership Program Coordinator
Deanna Davis