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Degree Pathways & Dual Degree Options

Augsburg Masters students bring a diverse set of skills, talents, and backgrounds to our program ranging from healthcare, education, non-profit and corporate environments.  Just as their careers take different directions, our students enter the program through different degree pathways and some choose to expand their graduate studies with a dual degree!

Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies

The certificate program is another attractive option for people who want to develop their leadership skills without undertaking a full degree program. A certificate is awarded after completion of three Augsburg MAL courses in leadership. Students pursuing this option take ML 505 – Foundations of Leadership and two additional electives. All three courses may count toward an MA in Leadership. No more than one course may be double counted in another Augsburg graduate degree program. Students who previously completed the Augsburg MBA degree are exempted from ML 505. Applicants to the certificate program follow the same admission process as those seeking the Master of Arts degree.

MAL/MBA Dual Degree

The dual degree program gives students the benefits of studying business administration and leadership in a coordinated program. This dual degree program leverages Augsburg’s long-standing tradition of graduate leadership training via the Master of Arts (MA) in Leadership with the demand for business education through our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. This unique credential equips students with the skills to lead and manage an organization, preparing them to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

BA in Accounting and MA in Leadership Joint Program

A BA in Accounting and an MA in Leadership can be earned in this five-year program designed for students who wish to qualify for CPA certification and obtain a master’s degree. By the end of the fifth year and successful completion of all requirements, the student receives both a BA in Accounting and an MA in Leadership and will have fulfilled the 150-hour requirement to qualify for the CPA certification. The MA in Leadership program offers a large number of courses on a Saturday and weeknight schedule. Refer to the MA in Leadership program schedule for the list of courses each year and to the accounting program coordinator for a detailed academic plan. Students should meet with both the MA in Leadership director and an accounting advisor to create an effective plan for successful completion of the five-year program.

Undergraduate Leadership Studies Minor

The Leadership Studies minor is designed for students who are, and have been, engaged in leadership experiences and to tie their experiences with the academic study of leadership. Successful completion of the undergraduate minor in leadership will allow the student advanced standing in the MA in Leadership program at Augsburg.