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Federal Tuition Assistance

The Armed Forces offer tuition assistance programs to support their service members’ educational goals. This includes up to 100% tuition for required courses, though annual and semester hour reimbursement limits mean that Augsburg students should not plan on all tuition costs being covered by tuition assistance.

Students must seek approval from their branch’s Educational Services Officer, military counselor, or service branch prior to enrolling at Augsburg.  In addition, registered courses each term must be individually approved for tuition assistance prior to the beginning of the term.  Because of this, students are encouraged to register as early as they can so that the application for tuition assistance can be submitted in time for approval.

See the links below for more specific information about each service branch’s tuition assistance request and approval process. Please work with the Educational Services Officer of your service branch if you have any questions about the application process.

Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard (ARNG) – Federal Tuition Assistance

Navy Tuition Assistance

Marine Corps Tuition Assistance

Air Force Tuition Assistance

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

Augsburg University is not the administrator of these programs. Support staff will provide invoices and other documents as required by each branch.