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PASS Internship

With a growing number of Pan Asian Students on campus and the thriving leadership skills students hold. PASS has been offered a paid internship position to help foster leadership and create career interest in student affairs/ higher education.

If you are a self-starter, passionate about the Pan Asian community at Augsburg University, and would enjoy working for Pan Asian Student Services. We encourage you to stop by and make an appointment with our Pan-Asian Manager, Paul Vang, to learn more about the position and consider applying.

Zaj Lee (22-23 PASS Intern)

Thin Thin Kaing (22 PASS Intern)

Past Internship Leadership

2009-2010: Chuhue Thao ‘10

2010-2011: Pa Dao Yang ‘11

2011-2012: Nou Yang ‘12

2012-2013: Nou Yang aka Nou Jake ‘13

2013-2014: Kanee Lee ‘14

2014-2015: Phoua Vang  ‘15

2015-2016: Maly Thao ‘16

2016-2017: Cheemoua Vang ‘17

2017-2018: Mai Xee Vang & Panyia Vue ‘18

2018- 2019: Serena Yer Xiong ’19

2019-2020: Pachi Hang ’20

2020-2021: Sienna Skye Lee ’21

2021-2022: Sue Xiong & Kallista Phommavongxay ’22

2022-2023: Thin Thin Kaing ’22 & Zaj Lee