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100 Days on the Mississippi River

Travel from the Headwaters to the Gulf of mexico as part of the 2019 Expedition, in partnership with the “Mississippi. An anthropocene River” Project. undergraduates wishing to enroll should contact the Program director. Scholarships of up to $4,000 available.

Those interested in registering as researchers, fellow travelers, or guest lecturers, contact the Program director, Joe Underhill:

Watch the “River Semester Informational Video” with Audio Description

  • a unique, fully-immersive educational experience and opportunity
  • travel the Mississippi River from the headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico on a 100-day canoe expedition
  • customized curriculum and courses to fit your interests and graduation requirements
  • develop a field research project on topics such as urban environmental justice, the Clean Water Act, agriculture in the watershed, political organizing around environmental issues, race relations and social justice, or urban riverfront revitalization
  • explore the history, literature, food, music, and culture of the American heartland
  • gain skills tailored to fit the needs of partner businesses and institutions including graduate schools, nonprofits, and government agencies
  • meet with local experts, “river rats,” and environmental organizations
  • hear from guest lecturers on topics such Mark Twain, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, ancient river civilizations, American Indian communities and their fight for justice, and the urban resilience in the age of climate change

“There is an element to this trip where we never leave class. It’s amazing to be able to have conversations with people that not only make you question and think about yourself and what you believe, but also think about what you have never thought about before. I have never wanted to learn so much more about everything.”
                                                                         — River Semester student journal entry

More about the Program:

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