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A Sociology Major will give you excellent preparation for going to law school. Successful law school students have strong critical thinking skills and are able to think with a variety of analytical lens to see multiple ways of making a case. Successful lawyers work on argumentation and public speaking skills.

Most lawyers in the United States work in the private sector rather than in criminal courts. Whether you’re interested in private & corporate practice or criminal law, the courses listed below will give you a strong foundation to take to law school. If you’re interested in pursuing a law degree and majoring in Sociology, contact Nancy Fischer (

Essential Courses:

  • Sociology of Law (SOC 320)
  • Public Speaking (COM 111)
  • Argumentation (COM351)

Relevant Courses:

Inside Sociology:

  • Protest and Social Change (SOC240)
  • Intro to Criminology (SOC277)
  • Cultures of Violence (SOC290)
  • Sociology of Organizations (SOC349)
  • Organizational Deviance (SOC377)
  • Juvenile Delinquency (SOC387)

Outside Sociology:

  • Law in the United States (POL170)
  • Constitutional Law (POL370)
  • Topics in Constitutional Law (POL371)
  • Psychology and Law (PSY235)

Questions? Contact Nancy Fischer (