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Social Psychology

Do questions of identity make you think twice? Who am I … really? What does it mean to be human? How did I get to be who I am? Are you interested in the point where the individual and society cross paths with one another? In the territory where sociology and psychology meet?

If so, consider exploring the field of social psychology and take a new look at the connections between self and society. You can start with taking Social Psychology (SOC 375), but it doesn’t have to stop there. There’s room to explore your personal interests and tailor other the classes you take. Depending on how you’d like to apply your knowledge of social psychology, there are particular courses in several disciplines—such as psychology, theater, communications, and marketing—that might be especially appealing to you. And even when taking courses that aren’t specifically social psychological, you can tailor your papers and research projects to further your knowledge in this area. Of course, you will also want to discuss what you can do professionally with your interest in social psychology, but some of the possibilities include public relations, law, organizational management & consulting, advertising, research, social policy, and more. If you are interested in social psychology, contact James Vela-McConnell (

Essential Courses:

  • Social Psychology (SOC 375)
  • Race, Class, and Gender (SOC 265, especially the section taught by Vela-McConnell)
  • Cultures of Violence (SOC 290)
  • Mental Illness and Society (SOC 395)

Relevant Courses Outside of Sociology:

(Students should take SOC 375 prior to enrolling in the upper-division courses listed below in order to have a solid background in social psychology)

  • Personality and Cultural Context (PSY 261)
  • Cultural Psychology (PSY 275)
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology (PSY 282)
  • Social Behavior (PSY 325) (Note that Principles of Psychology, PSY 105 is a pre-requisite)

Communication Studies

  • Interpersonal Communication (COM 354)
  • Small Group Communication (COM 355)
  • Communicating a Self in the Modern Organization (COM 410)
  • Public Relations/Promotional Communication (COM 480)


  • Creative Drama: Acting and Improvisation (THR 116)
  • Introduction to Stagecraft (THR 228)
  • Acting (THR 232)
  • Advanced Acting (THR 365)

Business Marketing

  • Consumer Behavior (MKT 350)
  • Marketing Communications (MKT 355)
  • Advertising (MKT 357)