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Deidre Middleton Office of Academic Advising

Academic Advising (AA) educates students, faculty, and staff on the Augsburg curriculum; interprets academic policies and procedures; and supports students in achieving their educational and vocational goals. Academic Advising is grounded in Augsburg’s mission: we focus on the liberal arts, faith and reason, civic engagement, and intentional diversity. We believe that in additional to our connection with these principles, we also play an important role in nurturing future leaders.

How We Work

The advisors in Academic Advising are professionals trained to work with students who are new to the university and current students who have questions about the general education requirements and interpretation of the academic procedures and policies of the university. The advisors do not specialize in advising in any one department, but they can usually answer questions about basic departmental requirements.

Faculty advisors are full time members of specific academic departments who have been at the university at least a full year and have been trained by Academic Advising on advising Augsburg students. Faculty advisors usually work with somewhere between 20–25 advisees majoring in the department. They specialize in advising in their field (English, Biology, Social Work, etc.) but are also trained to advise students on General Education issues.

Frequently Requested Info