2016-17 Christensen Scholar Profiles

VISION BAGONZA ’17Vision Bagonza

Hometown: Karagwe, Kagera, Tanzania
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry and Religion

My proudest academic achievement is excelling in classes and then being able to provide academic support for new students by tutoring and mentoring incoming first-year students.

NOAH BROWN ’17Noah Brown

Hometown: Bloomington, Minn.
Major: Biology

My favorite thing about Augsburg is the community of students and professors who are active and engaged in their communities.

KAYLA GROVER ’18kayla-grover

Hometown: Blanding, Utah
Major: Sociology
Minor: Religion

Augsburg has shaped me by encouraging me to open my mind and pursue a wide variety of interests. After graduation, I plan to work with AmeriCorps for one year.

OWEN HARRISON ’18Owen Harrison

Hometown: New Hope, Minn.
Major: Psychology
Minor: Studio Art

My proudest academic achievement is making the Dean’s List every semester. I am also involved with the StepUP Leadership Team and the Mindfulness Club.

LEAH MCDOUGALL ’17Leah McDougall

Hometown: Arden Hills, Minn.
Major: Youth and Family Ministry
Minor: Spanish

Augsburg has made me more aware of the world I live in. My proudest academic achievement was studying abroad in Central America and after graduation I plan to work with youth at a camp, church, or other organization.

HANNAH SCHMIT ’17Hannah Schmit

Hometown: Tomahawk, Wisc.
Major: Religion and Sociology
Minor: Biology

Augsburg has helped me to become a critical thinker and engaged both in my community and on a global platform. My proudest academic achievement is publishing research on Sustainable Human Development in Nepal.

REBECCA SCHROEDER ’18Rebecca Schroeder

Hometown: Giddings, Texas
Major: Management; Social and Artistic Entrepreneurship

My favorite thing about Augsburg is how diverse and well-rounded the curriculum is. I’ve been able to tailor my college experience to what I feel I’ve been called to do after college and to my future career.

BLAIR STEWIG ’18Blair Stewig

Hometown: Oakdale, Minn.
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Minor: Environmental Studies, Physics, and Religion

I love Augsburg’s welcoming community and value Augsburg’s diversity. My proudest academic achievement is completing the River Semester and learning about the connectivity of the river.

HANNAH THIRY ’17Hannah Thiry

Hometown: Stanchfield, Minn.
Major: Biology
Minor: Religion and Psychology

Through various experiences, debates, discussions, and philosophical thought, I’ve come to find a home in the ‘grayness’ of life—there’s no distinct ‘black and white’ side to anything. People, opinions, feelings, and passions are fluid, flexible, and unique.

2015-16 Christensen Scholar Profiles

NORA BARR ’16Nora Barr

Hometown: New York, New York
Major: Urban Studies

My favorite thing about Augsburg is the small class sizes, wonderful professors, and the care that is put into my education. With my experience here I feel I am becoming who I am. I hope to go to grad school to become a School Counselor or Psychologist.

CHELSEA CREGO ’17Chelsea Crego

Hometown: Lakeville, Minn.
Major: Finance and Management
Minor: Management Information Systems

In my free time, I hang out with friends, do homework, volunteer with the M.S. community, and play on Augsburg’s golf team. After graduation I want to work in the Finance Department at a golf course.

HANNAH DAVIDSON ’17Hannah Davidson

Hometown: Virginia, Minn.
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Youth and Family Ministry

My father, an elementary teacher, has inspired me to pursue my current career path of teaching. The love and patience I’ve seen him give to his kids has inspired me to do the same.

JAY KIEL ’17Jay Kiel

Hometown: Little Falls, Minn.
Major: Youth and Family Ministry

Augsburg has helped me and encouraged me to think, how to question and search. After graduation I’d like to continue my education at Luther Seminary and work towards a Master of Divinity.

BLAKE MILLER ’17Blake Miller

Hometown: Staples, Minn.
Major: Biology
Minor: Religion

My proudest academic achievement was being accepted into the summer Dental School Experience at the University of Minnesota. I have further pursued my career in dentistry by taking an internship shadowing several dentists. After graduation I plan to attend dental school.

DEVIN WIGGS ’17Devin Wiggs

Hometown: Oakdale, Minn.
Major: Sociology
Minor: Metro Urban Studies, Religion

My proudest academic achievements have been being accepted as an American Sociological Association Society honors student and completing my summer research project with Professor James Vela-McConnell about the sex scandal of the Catholic Church. After graduation I plan to go to graduate school for my PhD in Sociology.

Opportunity to be a Christensen Scholar for 2015-16

snapshot for websiteAuggies ask Big Questions: What are yours? 

The 2015-2016 Christensen Scholars Seminar explores the Big Questions, the ones that keep you awake at night, that urge you to march, that press you into conversation with strangers, that prompt you to notice injustice.

As a college in the Christian tradition, Augsburg takes religion seriously.  We regard it as a subject of critical inquiry, even as we respect its practice as a faith.  As a college in the Lutheran tradition, Augsburg uses vocation as a way of engaging Big Questions.  Vocation is a full-bore, full-body experience.

Led by Professor Martha E. Stortz, the scholars will use a four-fold strategy to address those questions:

theological reflection, the head-trip part of the seminar, involving reading, writing, and critical thinking about vocation;

spiritual engagement, the heart of our work, a reflective component;

social action, hands-on work in the community;

everyday experience, as we learn our immediate context.

The Christensen Scholars earn upper level religion credit, receive a $2000 tuition scholarship, and meet every Thursday evening throughout the academic year beginning at 6pm, alternating class discussion with work in the shelter. We’ll touch base with the Interfaith Scholars at several points during the year.

An overview with further details about the program is available on our website. Please take a look and consider applying by February 5.

The application process is available on the Christensen Scholars website.