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Christensen Scholars 2022-23

Headshots of all 9 Christensen Scholars in small circles with text "Christensen Scholars 2022-23" on top left.

Introducing our 2022-23 Christensen Scholars!

Please check out the students’ bios below to learn more about their hopes for this world and their place in it.

Up to ten students are selected each academic year to participate in the Christensen Scholars Seminar. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to discuss and explore theology, faith, and vocation in a small, supportive cohort. Each Christensen Scholars is also connected with a community-based learning experience designed to enhance this seminar experience. You can learn more about our Christensen Scholars program here.

Headshot of Carson VincentCarson Vincent ‘24

Hometown: Amery, WI

Major: Biochemistry; Minor: Religion

My hope for the world is that I want to live in a world where loving your neighbor is not only preached but practiced. I want to find a career where I feel I am making a positive difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. 

Why Augsburg: I attended Augsburg’s Youth Theology Institute as a high school student and fell in love with Augsburg as a school and as a community. I come from a small town so I wanted to attend a smaller school in a big city and Augsburg is exactly that.

One thing I love to do in my free time: Spend time with my cat. 

Headshot of Chaltu BayisaChaltu Bayisa ‘23

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Major: Social Work; Minor: Leadership Studies

My deepest hopes for the world we live in is to see just world. The role I want to play in helping that become a reality is to work as social worker.

Why Augsburg: I was looking for a school with Social Work, diverse, and inclusive. I applied to Augsburg University early and got admission within a few weeks. Since Augsburg was my first choice, I never finished applying to another school.

One thing I love to do in my free time: I love cooking or grab a coffee with friends

Headshot of Lorpu SumoLorpu Sumo ‘24

Hometown: New Hope, MN

Major: Communication Studies; Minor: Spanish

One of my deepest hopes is that that the world can be a kind place full of love and hope. I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Big or small.

Why Augsburg: I applied to Augsburg through the Act Six scholarship. I did not get the scholarship, but I ended up coming to Augsburg. I got lot of positive feedback from people that knew Augsburg. So far, Augsburg has been a great place to be.

One thing I love to do in my free time: Listen to music

Headshot of Sarah RunckSarah Runck ‘24

Hometown: New Ulm, MN 

Major: Music Therapy

My hope for the world is for everyone to look at the good in the world and to live in the present because it is a gift. I want to be that positive influencer who motivates people and helps them to find the good. I hope for others to have a positive mindset as well. 

Why Augsburg: I choose Augsburg because it was one of the only schools that had what I was looking for. I love music and love helping others. I am able to do those things through the many opportunities at Augsburg.

One thing I love to do in my free time: I like to be outside and do embroidery.

Headshot of Lorraine WongbiLorraine Wongbi ‘23

Hometown: Ramsey, MN

Major: Biopsychology

My hope is that the world recognize its fallen condition and need for a Savior, humbly turning itself to God through repentance and putting its faith in Christ. My hope is for godly love, compassion, restoration, and salvation. I am interested in ultimately becoming a traveling physician. My hope is to provide for people in ways beyond that of the medical and truly living a life of servitude of others through Christ. 

Why Augsburg: Augsburg was interestingly the last school on my potential attendance list, but wound up being the school with the best financial package. I love the institution’s small size and that it is close, yet far enough away from my home as I have been able to experience personal growth and independence. I actually believe the Lord led me to this place.

One thing I love to do in my free time: From time to time, I enjoy expanding on my Spanish speaking skills.

Headshot of Aaron PuentAaron Puent ‘23

Hometown: La Crosse, WI

Major: Religion with concentration in Global Religions and Interfaith Study

I hope that the world might choose to look at the things that make people similar rather than act negatively toward the things that make us different. I want to contribute to the theological side of this goal and help connect people of different traditions or denominations.

Why Augsburg: I wanted a smaller school, and I was looking to move away from home. I also wanted to experience a Lutheran perspective in my religion courses.

One thing I love to do in my free time: I enjoy reading in my free time.

Headshot of Emma ScherrerEmma Scherrer ‘23

Hometown: Traer, Iowa

Major: Music Therapy; Minor: Psychology

My deepest hopes are that we take good better care of our planet and that people would be more genuinely kind to each other. I try my best each day to live in the moment and try not to think too hard about the harsh realities of the world. I focus on the good I can put into the world by being kind to the people around me in my life.

Why Augsburg: I wanted to go explore the world beyond my small town. I really enjoyed Minneapolis and wanted to try out life in a big city. Augsburg is one of few colleges with a good music therapy program.

One thing I love to do in my free time: I love to put on music and dance.

Headshot of Mercy Zou TaithulMercy Zou Taithul ‘23

Hometown: Northeast, India

Major: Psychology; Minor: Health Education

One of my deepest hope for the world is better health care and love each other. I want to help make that a reality by building/giving a home to Senior and Orphans. Support them to go school and give them a proper care, it can be with medication as needed and/or share about the Gospel. 

Why Augsburg: I got a scholarship from church through partnering with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Out of 6 University that I applied, Augsburg is the first to accept my application. And according to the review, its a good, diverse community with friendly people. So, I ended choosing Augsburg.

One thing I love to do in my free time: Writing Bible with my hand, gym, walking, or cooking a chilling.