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Public Leadership Scholar Opportunity for 2019-20

Apply to be in one of Augsburg’s three Public Leadership Scholar Programs:

Christensen Scholars – student leaders who are interested in engaging in an academic and theological exploration of vocation. The seminar is designed for those with a lively sense of curiosity and a desire to talk about the “big questions” involving God, evil, doubt, salvation, and vocation.

Interfaith Scholars –  student leaders who are interested in exploring the religious diversity of the Augsburg student body, the wider Twin Cities community, and the United States through interreligious dialogue and action. We invite religious believers from a variety of traditions as well as the non-religious to apply in order to converse respectfully with other about what you believe, why it matters, and how it propels us to action in the world.

Sabo Scholars – student leaders who have interest in engaging in civic life, studying the political process, working on public policy, and exploring careers in public service.

3 previous scholars with Christensen Symposium speaker

In these programs you will:

  • Participate in a yearlong academic seminar on Thursday nights with a cohort of your peers
  • Contribute to public leadership on campus and in the wider community in either the Christian tradition, interfaith engagement, or civic life.
  • Earn 4 upper division semester credits in the Religion or Political Science
  • Receive a $2,000 scholarship.

Who is Eligible?

Current sophomores and juniors who plan to study on campus all of the 2019-20 academic year.

How to apply

  1. Submit the public leadership school application, indicating the program(s) for which you wish to be considered.    Public Leadership Scholars Application
  2. Request a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member who knows you well    Faculty or Staff Recommendation

What is the Deadline?

The application deadline is Monday, March 4th.


Contact either

2017-18 Christensen Scholars

Sandra Eguida ’18Sandra Eguida

Hometown: Lome, Togo
Major: Accounting

Augsburg gave me the tools to become a leader of my community. I was inspired by a lot of Augsburg professors and advisors. They inspired me to do more and to be more. I am so grateful for all the advice and feedback I heard. Outside of class, I am the president of the International Student Organization of Augsburg. In addition, I am the Treasurer of the Accounting Club of Augsburg. This year I work as a lead staff for Augsburg residence life. Last summer, I interned for the Twin Cities Public Television. I was their accounting intern for three months. I really enjoyed their company and the work I did for them. After graduation, I want to go to grad school and get a Masters in Accounting. I really want to be an expert in my field.

Benjamin erickson ’18Benjamin Erickson

Hometown: Andover, Minnesota
Major: Finance, Economics, Marketing

My favorite thing about Augsburg is the one-of-a-kind community that is here on campus. I also love how connected the alumni are to the school. I think that shows the lasting mark Augsburg leaves on the students that come here. Outside of class, I’m a captain on the Augsburg Cross Country team, a member of the Track and Field team, and the Treasurer and a member of various student groups. Last year, I went to Peru with the Augsburg Cross Country Team and volunteered by restoring ancient Inca ruins for a non-profit organization. My proudest academic achievement was being awarded the Academic All-American Award by the NCAA for Track and Field. After graduation, I plan to have a job with a bank or financial institution as a financial analyst where I can learn and gain experience.

Demey everett ’19Demey Everett

Hometown: Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Major: Biology and Secondary Education
Minor: Religion

Augsburg has shaped me in many ways. The most influential part though, would be having an open mind in all things, meeting new people, and having new experiences. Without attending Augsburg, I would not be the person I am today. Outside of the classroom you can find me playing lacrosse for Augsburg, running, biking, kayaking, and exploring all over the wonderful state of Minnesota. I love to be outdoors and take it all in. In addition, for the past six years I have actively volunteered at the church I attend, serving on the production team on Sunday mornings. After graduation, I plan to go into the education field and teach life sciences for middle school or high school, as well as coach lacrosse and be actively involved in a youth ministry either connected to the school or the community around it.

Zachery Juaire ’18Zachery Juaire

Hometown: Belle Plaine, Minnesota
Major: Exercise Science

Augsburg has made me a global citizen by experiencing multi-cultural opportunities within the campus community. My favorite thing about Augsburg is the community connection. The campus provides a setting in which students can cultivate many deep friendships. Outside of class, I have volunteered at TRIA Orthopedics Center in Bloomington over the past summer and now I have secured a position volunteering at Methodist Hospital in their physical therapy department. After graduation, I plan to apply to graduate schools for physical therapy.

bethany keyl ’19Bethany Keyl

Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut
Major: Cross-Cultural Studies and Religion
Minor: Spanish

I love Augsburg’s emphasis on “vocation.” I feel very passionately that the work I end up doing in the world should be something I feel called do. I am still very much figuring out what that will be, but with every passing year I feel I have somewhat more of a direction than I did the last year. And I feel so supported by Augsburg’s faculty and staff members who continue to encourage me to figure out what is best for me, but also, along the theme of vocation, to explore where my gifts best meet the needs of the world. I feel so privileged to have been able to study abroad twice during my time at Augsburg (so far!). I went to Amman, Jordan for a semester last year to study Arabic and Middle Eastern Culture. I met so many incredible people there, and had experiences I will never forget, such as walking around Petra, riding a camel through the desert, harvesting olives, and rappelling down a waterfall. Then, this summer I went to Norway to study peace-building and interfaith work. I was impressed by Norway and Norwegians’ commitments to peace, but I also was inspired to realize that if even they still have work to do, the rest of the world really needs to roll up its sleeves. In my first year I interned at Trinity Lutheran Church. While there, I was the Program Assistant for their tutoring program and had the opportunity to be a member of the planning committee for the bi-monthly interfaith conversations hosted in Cedar Commons.

Bashiru “BK” Korman ’18

Hometown: Maple Grove, Minnesota
Major: International Relations/International Business
Minor: Political Science, Spanish, Leadership

My proudest academic achievement was becoming the student body president. I have had multiple internships. Through UpTunships and the Strommen Center, I interned at Breakthrough Twin Cities as Student Services Specialist. This past summer I interned with the Metropolitan Council as an Office of Equal Opportunity Urban Scholar. Outside of class, I participate in Augsburg Men’s Soccer, Student for Racial Justice, Student Government, and LEAD Fellows. After graduation, I plan to work for U.S. Foreign Service and go to graduate school.

Katie Jane Kvilvang ’18Katie Kvilvang

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MN
Major: Youth and Family Ministry
Minor: Psychology

My proudest academic achievement was taking all-team athletic academic achievements, while working, playing lacrosse, and attending school full time. Outside of class, I play women’s lacrosse, and volunteer each Wednesday as a youth leader at an Assembly of God youth group. I work in most of my other free time, with a work-study job, as well as an EMT back up north on the weekends. After graduation, I plan to continue with my part time job as an EMT, as well as work as a pastor, for starters. Eventually, I would like to become a hospital chaplain and work to help people through grief and loss, as best as I can, all while showing God’s love. This might entail continuing education and getting my masters degree, but that is something I plan on just having God guide me through.

Kassandra Quintero Diaz ’19Kassandra Quintero Diaz

Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota
Major: Accounting

Augsburg has taught me to look with in myself. It has taught me to use more empathy towards my neighbor and just to be a good person in our community. At Augsburg, I have had several study abroad experiences, including going to Belgium and to Germany with my Lacrosse team and getting to learn about World War II and see some of the museums they have. Outside of class, I am a two sport athlete here at Augsburg. I run Cross Country and play Woman’s Lacrosse. I also volunteer with the Campus Kitchen along with just creating fun games for the kids from Riverside. After graduation, I plan to find my vocation while traveling the world.

tiffany widseth ’19

Tiffany WidsethHometown: Aurora, Minnesota
Major: Exercise Science (Pre PT route)
Minor: Religion and Biology

My favorite thing about Augsburg is that the community here is so welcoming and full of amazing people. I meet new people all the time and am constantly learning from them. My proudest academic achievement was presenting research as a McNair Scholar at the University of California Berkeley in 2017. I have worked with faculty on validating a modified version of a tool called the Functional Movement Screen. It is used to assess imbalances and compensatory movements in athletes that may lead to injury. Outside of class, I had a summer internship in 2016 at Northern Pines Hospital in Aurora, Minn. I have also shadowed many Physical Therapy offices around the Iron Range. I have also studied abroad in Nicaragua for a class on Liberation Theology. After graduation, I plan to go on to graduate school and earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.


Kasibu “Jondi” Zanzu ’18

Kasibu Jondi ZanzuHometown: San Diego, California
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Religion and Biology

My proudest academic achievement is being able to attend a University, and also being a first generation college student in my family. Augsburg has made me more knowledgeable and more aware of the different culture, diversity, and religion this institution has. I currently volunteer with Bridging in Roseville, Minnesota. After graduation, I plan to go Madagascar and teach during the summer of 2018, then attend grad school at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for Physical Therapy.

2016-17 Christensen Scholar Profiles

VISION BAGONZA ’17Vision Bagonza

Hometown: Karagwe, Kagera, Tanzania
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry and Religion

My proudest academic achievement is excelling in classes and then being able to provide academic support for new students by tutoring and mentoring incoming first-year students.

NOAH BROWN ’17Noah Brown

Hometown: Bloomington, Minn.
Major: Biology

My favorite thing about Augsburg is the community of students and professors who are active and engaged in their communities.

KAYLA GROVER ’18kayla-grover

Hometown: Blanding, Utah
Major: Sociology
Minor: Religion

Augsburg has shaped me by encouraging me to open my mind and pursue a wide variety of interests. After graduation, I plan to work with AmeriCorps for one year.

OWEN HARRISON ’18Owen Harrison

Hometown: New Hope, Minn.
Major: Psychology
Minor: Studio Art

My proudest academic achievement is making the Dean’s List every semester. I am also involved with the StepUP Leadership Team and the Mindfulness Club.

LEAH MCDOUGALL ’17Leah McDougall

Hometown: Arden Hills, Minn.
Major: Youth and Family Ministry
Minor: Spanish

Augsburg has made me more aware of the world I live in. My proudest academic achievement was studying abroad in Central America and after graduation I plan to work with youth at a camp, church, or other organization.

HANNAH SCHMIT ’17Hannah Schmit

Hometown: Tomahawk, Wisc.
Major: Religion and Sociology
Minor: Biology

Augsburg has helped me to become a critical thinker and engaged both in my community and on a global platform. My proudest academic achievement is publishing research on Sustainable Human Development in Nepal.

REBECCA SCHROEDER ’18Rebecca Schroeder

Hometown: Giddings, Texas
Major: Management; Social and Artistic Entrepreneurship

My favorite thing about Augsburg is how diverse and well-rounded the curriculum is. I’ve been able to tailor my college experience to what I feel I’ve been called to do after college and to my future career.

BLAIR STEWIG ’18Blair Stewig

Hometown: Oakdale, Minn.
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Minor: Environmental Studies, Physics, and Religion

I love Augsburg’s welcoming community and value Augsburg’s diversity. My proudest academic achievement is completing the River Semester and learning about the connectivity of the river.

HANNAH THIRY ’17Hannah Thiry

Hometown: Stanchfield, Minn.
Major: Biology
Minor: Religion and Psychology

Through various experiences, debates, discussions, and philosophical thought, I’ve come to find a home in the ‘grayness’ of life—there’s no distinct ‘black and white’ side to anything. People, opinions, feelings, and passions are fluid, flexible, and unique.

2015-16 Christensen Scholar Profiles

NORA BARR ’16Nora Barr

Hometown: New York, New York
Major: Urban Studies

My favorite thing about Augsburg is the small class sizes, wonderful professors, and the care that is put into my education. With my experience here I feel I am becoming who I am. I hope to go to grad school to become a School Counselor or Psychologist.

CHELSEA CREGO ’17Chelsea Crego

Hometown: Lakeville, Minn.
Major: Finance and Management
Minor: Management Information Systems

In my free time, I hang out with friends, do homework, volunteer with the M.S. community, and play on Augsburg’s golf team. After graduation I want to work in the Finance Department at a golf course.

HANNAH DAVIDSON ’17Hannah Davidson

Hometown: Virginia, Minn.
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Youth and Family Ministry

My father, an elementary teacher, has inspired me to pursue my current career path of teaching. The love and patience I’ve seen him give to his kids has inspired me to do the same.

JAY KIEL ’17Jay Kiel

Hometown: Little Falls, Minn.
Major: Youth and Family Ministry

Augsburg has helped me and encouraged me to think, how to question and search. After graduation I’d like to continue my education at Luther Seminary and work towards a Master of Divinity.

BLAKE MILLER ’17Blake Miller

Hometown: Staples, Minn.
Major: Biology
Minor: Religion

My proudest academic achievement was being accepted into the summer Dental School Experience at the University of Minnesota. I have further pursued my career in dentistry by taking an internship shadowing several dentists. After graduation I plan to attend dental school.

DEVIN WIGGS ’17Devin Wiggs

Hometown: Oakdale, Minn.
Major: Sociology
Minor: Metro Urban Studies, Religion

My proudest academic achievements have been being accepted as an American Sociological Association Society honors student and completing my summer research project with Professor James Vela-McConnell about the sex scandal of the Catholic Church. After graduation I plan to go to graduate school for my PhD in Sociology.

Opportunity to be a Christensen Scholar for 2015-16

snapshot for websiteAuggies ask Big Questions: What are yours? 

The 2015-2016 Christensen Scholars Seminar explores the Big Questions, the ones that keep you awake at night, that urge you to march, that press you into conversation with strangers, that prompt you to notice injustice.

As a college in the Christian tradition, Augsburg takes religion seriously.  We regard it as a subject of critical inquiry, even as we respect its practice as a faith.  As a college in the Lutheran tradition, Augsburg uses vocation as a way of engaging Big Questions.  Vocation is a full-bore, full-body experience.

Led by Professor Martha E. Stortz, the scholars will use a four-fold strategy to address those questions:

theological reflection, the head-trip part of the seminar, involving reading, writing, and critical thinking about vocation;

spiritual engagement, the heart of our work, a reflective component;

social action, hands-on work in the community;

everyday experience, as we learn our immediate context.

The Christensen Scholars earn upper level religion credit, receive a $2000 tuition scholarship, and meet every Thursday evening throughout the academic year beginning at 6pm, alternating class discussion with work in the shelter. We’ll touch base with the Interfaith Scholars at several points during the year.

An overview with further details about the program is available on our website. Please take a look and consider applying by February 5.

The application process is available on the Christensen Scholars website.