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2020-2021 Christensen Scholars

Branwen Jorenby ’23

Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology
Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

branwen smiling in field


Being a Christensen Scholar is an amazing experience! As someone who is not religious but grew up in a Lutheran setting, participating in this program has challenged me to fully dive into questioning my own spiritual beliefs in multiple thought-provoking readings and conversations with my peers. Engaging in Augsburg Health Commons as a volunteer through this program has allowed me to see health and humanity in a new light that I will bring into the care plans of my future patients.

Tofunmi Oteju ’21

Major: Biology
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

tofunmi smilingI have always been fascinated with Interfaith work and how our various beliefs intersect, with the sole purpose of maintaining some sort or unity between our different faith and non-faith traditions. I was able to explore my curiosity by being part of the 2019-2020 Interfaith Cohort. There I explored the religious diversity at Augsburg and the wider Twin Cities but also put on events that explore this diversity as it relates to various facets of our everyday lives (e.g. Faith and Science, Faith and Death). A revelation I had being an Interfaith Scholar, was that there is still so much work that has to be done within our various faith traditions. Currently, there is still not enough unity and understanding between different Christian denominations. Being an international student from Nigeria, I was not as exposed to the various protestant denominations till I started school at Augsburg. I was not even aware we had a wide variety of denominations within Protestantism. I was only familiar with mainly Catholicism and Pentecostalism (which I practice). Coming to a school built on the values of Lutheranism forced me to explore more denominations.
Being in the Christensen Scholars program has been a great way to cumulate my learning of the various ways of being a Christian.

Erik Garcia Gonzaga

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

erik leaning against rockMy name is Erik Garcia Gonzaga, born in Morelos, Mexico and raised here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am a student at Augsburg University studying Communication Studies. What I want to do with that major is to be in places where I can inspire and motivate teens and young adults to follow their career and educational goals.


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2020 Vocation Internship Opportunity

Explore Vocation while Working with a Community-oriented faith-Based nonprofit or congregation

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Current Augsburg Students:

  • Looking for a meaningful work experience for spring semester 2020?
  • Are you curious about how you are called to serve your neighbors?
  • Wondering about how your talents, skills, preferences, and passions can inform your career decision making?
  • Do you have initiative and want to spend time learning and intentionally reflecting on experiences with others?

If yes to all of these, we invite you to apply to be a Christensen Vocation Intern.



  • Paid Internship at a faith-based nonprofit or community-oriented congregation
  • Gain relevant work experience and mentoring
  • Reflect on experiences and assessments with a cohort of your peers
  • Duration: 8-10 hours/week, PAID internship for up to 100 hours during Spring 2020 semester
  • Current students from all majors and faith backgrounds are welcome to apply. Each site’s job description can be somewhat customized to the intern’s education and goals.

Potential Engagement/Focus Areas:

  • Community organizing
  • Youth and young adults
  • Assisting people experiencing homelessness
  • Interfaith dialogue and learning
  • Environmental justice
  • Anti-racism training/work
  • Multi-media Storytelling 
  • Public art
  • Community meal

Apply through Handshake, Augsburg’s student employment platform.

Questions about the application platform? Ask the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work,
Questions about the application process or positions? Ask the Christensen Center for Vocation, or 612-330-1403

NOTE: Priority application deadline is November 13. Then applications will be accepted on rolling basis as the positions are still available.

The Christensen Vocation Interns will be selected based on initiative and strong interest in exploring vocational discernment with a faith-based organization partner site, as well as the potential match with the available partner sites’ engagement opportunities and needs.

Christensen Vocation Intern Overview

20160329_150324Christensen Vocation Interns intentionally explore how the concept We are called to Service in the World applies in a work setting. 

Each spring, Augsburg students serve at faith-based nonprofit organizations for 100 hours during the semester. They also participate in a bi-weekly seminar where they reflect on vocation readings, assessments, and work site experiences together.

The 2017 Christensen Vocation Interns served at:
– Restoration Center at Central Lutheran Church, Downtown Minneapolis
– Trinity Lutheran Church/Safe Place, South Minneapolis
– Redeemer Lutheran Church, North Minneapolis

The Christensen Interns are selected based on strong interest in exploring vocation, call, and career interests in faith-based or service organizations, as well as potential match with the internship site’s needs.

Questions? Contact Lonna Field at 612-330-1467 or