Bookstore Information

Bookstore Policy 2014-2015

Students who are registered for the upcoming term will be allowed to charge up to $600 to their student account.

Please plan ahead and purchase books and supplies before the scheduled cut off dates listed below; plan ahead for courses that start midterm, as you will be unable to charge anything to your student account after each term’s cut-off date.

Student’s accounts will be billed for only what was spent on their bookstore account before credit refunds are issued.  If your bookstore charges creates a balance on your account, you need to make payments in accordance with your statement.  Bookstore purchases charged to a student’s account are intended for students who have excess financial aid funds to cover their tuition, fees, AND their books or supplies.  Please contact Student Financial Services before you purchase books if you need to discuss payment options.

Due to the financial aid cycle, you can only charge expenses to your bookstore account during the following specific periods.

Fall Term: July 10th- September 16th

Spring Term: November 10th – January 26th

Summer Term: April 4th – May 22nd

Please contact Student Financial Services (612) 330-1046 if you have any questions.

Third Party:

If you are expecting a third party to cover the cost of your books, you will need to turn in an itemized receipt of your purchases to the Student Financial Service’s office along with your invoice request.

Additional Funds:

If the cost of your textbooks and supplies are above $600 in one term, you have enough financial aid to cover the additional costs, and you would like to charge the additional amount to your student account please send the following information to Student Financial Services (  All requests need to be in writing.

Subject: Request for additional funds

Full Name:

Student ID number:

Additional request:


Students will receive an e-mail when the additional request has been processed.  Accounts are opened as quickly as possible, but it could take up to two business days for activation.