Financial Aid Policy

2014-2015 Financial Aid Policy

Financial aid such as federal, state, and institutional grants and scholarships are awarded based upon the total number of registered credits on the “Last day to add with faculty signature – Full Semester class” as noted on the Academic Calendar. Students must register for internships, Time 2 classes, and ACTC classes before the “Last day to add with faculty signature-Full Semester class”.  Financial aid will not be adjusted for classes added after this date.

Students must earn the financial aid they are awarded each semester by actively attending and participating in classes throughout the semester. Financial aid is recalculated when students do any of the following: drop classes without a “W” grade, fail to begin classes, cease to attend classes,  fail all classes, or fully withdraw from all classes.

Financial Aid-Return of Aid Policy

Students must earn the financial aid they are awarded each semester. A student can earn their aid by attending classes, or in the event of hybrid/online courses, be an active participant in the course.
Federal/State Aid Adjustments
Augsburg is required to return unearned federal/state aid for students who fully withdraw from their courses. Student are eligible to keep more aid the longer they attend their courses. After 60% of the term has passed, students are eligible to keep all of their federal/state aid. See the dates below. If you are planning to completely withdraw from your courses, please see a Student Financial Services counselor to determine what aid may need to be returned.
Institutional Aid Adjustments
Augsburg will return institutional aid for students who partially withdrawal or fully withdraw from courses if the student received. If students withdraw from heir courses they will receive a 50% tuition refund and 50% of their institutional aid will be removed. If a student withdraws after the last day to receive a tuition refund, there will be no adjustment to their institutional aid.