Undergraduate Day

Fall and Spring Undergraduate Day Tuition and Cost 2015-2016


Full Time Cost – Fall and Spring 2015-2016



Tuition –Full Time(12-18 credits per term)



Fees – (12-18 credits per term)



Overload Fee –(over 18 credits)

$1,088 per credit

$4,352 per 4 credits

Full Time vs. Half Time

Undergraduate students will need to be enrolled in 6 credits to be considered half time and 12-18 credits to consider full time.  This is an important distinction for accessing financial aid.

Part Time Cost – Fall and Spring 2015-2016

Tuition –Part Time(less than 12 credits)

$1,088 per credit

$4,352 per 4 credits

Fees – (less than 12 credits)

$182.25 per term

Other Costs
Recreational Wellness Fee

$220.00 per course

Audit Fee(taking a class for no credit)

$1,000.00 per course

Music Lesson Fees
½ Hour Lesson


1 Hour Lesson


*There may be some additional costs attached to individual courses and or programs not listed in the “Other Costs” section.*

Calculate your Cost of Attendance with the 2015-2016 Cost of Attendance Worksheet.

Room and Board Fees for 2015-2016

Augsburg College has a variety of residence hall options and meal plans. To view these options, please visit the Residence Hall website.