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Pastor Sonja Hagander Describes the Norwegian Word “Friluftsliv” While Preparing for the Pilgrimage to Nidaros

Sonja HaganderFinal few weeks to register for this trip!

Norway is known to be one of the “happiest places on earth.” Is it the people? Is it the food? Is it the over-the-top scenery? Is it the healthcare and education? I wonder if it’s “friluftsliv.” My Norwegian friends try to translate it, but that’s challenging. Come on the pilgrimage to Nidaros on August 4-13, 2020, and experience “friluftsliv” for yourself!

-Friluftsliv: the moments standing on top of a mountain with friends looking down into an emerald green fjord.

-Friluftsliv: the indescribable warmth sipping hot coffee surrounded by mountain goats as you finish a day-long hike and prepare to dine on locally grown foods.

-Friluftsliv: God’s abundantly beautiful creation that makes one feel grateful to be alive.

-Friluftsliv: The Norwegian belief that “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

-Friluftsliv: The complete trust in one’s fellow hikers.

-Friluftsliv: The way that life outside creates kindred spirits.

-Friluftsliv: The gift of creation that feeds one’s soul.

I know and trust that on our upcoming pilgrimage, we will experience “friluftsliv.”  I’m filled with wonderful anticipation. And as fellow hikers, we will each have our own definition of this awesome experience—one that will be very difficult to put into words. But upon return, may we each exclaim: Friluftsliv!

—Pastor Sonja M. Hagander, Vice President for Mission & Identity

If you’re interested in this trip, please email Katie Code ’01 at or call 612-330-1178.