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Auggie Spotlight: Navid Amini ’19, MBA

Navid Amini
Meet Navid Amini ’19, MBA. Navid is serving his third year on the Alumni Board and is the Augsburg Alumni Board President 2023-24.
What keeps you busy these days? Spending time with my children (12, 10, and 5). I current serve as the Director of Client Strategy for Laguna Health which is a Healthtech AI company transforming care management. I enjoy playing the piano when I find time and traveling to my second home in Florida.
Who motivates you? I have seven brothers who serve as my personal “board of directors” and they inspire me immensely and push me hard to continue thriving.
How did Augsburg shape your path? Attaining my MBA from Augsburg taught me a lot about myself as a person and instilled the spirit of paying it forward. I am honored to continue remaining connected with the institution through the Alumni Board.
What is a fun or favorite memory of your time at Augsburg? Slamming coffees late at night with my team as we figured out how to draft the best market analysis report out there!
Thank you Navid!
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