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Augsburg Cabaret

Coming up soon for artists in all trades, the Augsburg Cabaret! Augsburg student Sophie Finnerty is hosting an event on December 12th, 2019 to showcase the school’s many facets of talent. There is a call for artists of any kind. The event will include a gallery space equipped to hold a plethora of works from paper art to three dimensional sculptures. The main event will be a show of talent in the Foss Studio Theater featuring performing arts such as spoken word, dance, and more! The theme for the Cabaret is Art That Rallies and artists are welcome to interpret that as they would like. Be sure to submit your work by filling out this short survey:  before December 8th, 2019 so that you can be a part of the show! If you have any other questions about the Augsburg Cabaret, feel free to contact Sophie Finnerty at We look forward to seeing YOU at the Cabaret.