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2021-2022 Christensen Scholars

Today we are celebrating the 2021-2022 cohort of Christensen Scholars who are wrapping up their year together. Up to ten students are selected each academic year to participate in the Christensen Scholars Seminar. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to discuss and explore theology, faith, and vocation in a small, supportive cohort. Each Christensen Scholars is also connected with a community-based learning experience designed to enhance this seminar experience. You can learn more about our Christensen Scholars program here

Headshot of Renee Christensen outside in front of a tree with pick flowers

Renee Christensen ‘23 

Major: Theology and Public Leadership, Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Shafer, MN.


I joined Christensen Scholars because I was drawn to the common interest with those who want to talk about theology and embrace the questions and the “tough stuff” that comes along with theology. Throughout my time as a Christensen Scholar, I have learned SO much about my own faith and from the other participants. I am so glad that I decided to be a part of this great program. 


Headshot of Ed Loubaki standing in front of a red background turned to the side and smiling Ed F. Loubaki ‘23 

Major: Biology, Minor: Religion 

Hometown: New Hope, MN.


I joined the Christensen Scholars program out of the belief that I was going to come out being more community-oriented and to know more about what others’ values are in their walk with God. While that was accomplished, I also learned more about my faith and vocation in a world that is ever-changing. Through Christensen scholars, I learned the values of taking care and loving of our neighbors as Christ would do. The world as we know needs so much love and community whether that is giving out hygiene kits, washing feet, taking blood pressure, or even just listening to individuals, I am proud and happiest to say that through Christensen Scholars I am able to be the change I wish to see.


Headshot of Anaiya Martin inside in the sunlight with her hand by the side of her headAnaiya Martin ‘23

 Major(s): Pre-Law concentration in Political Science

Hometown: Brooklyn Park, MN. 


I joined Christensen Scholars because I am interested in opportunities that come with learning about vocation and spirituality more in-depth. I feel learning about the evolution of religion helps me re-evaluate and grow spiritually within myself. I am grateful for the openness and expansion of free-thinking in this class both inside and outside of being present for Christen Scholars. Joining has been a beautiful way to connect with others in my community more intimately, and I feel this is molding me into the kind of person I am proud to say I am becoming. Intersectionality is critical to recognize and is respected and encouraged in each conversation I engage in, especially since becoming a Christensen Scholar. I am grateful for this opportunity, much more than I can sufficiently express. It has been an outstanding contribution to my life.

Headshot of Nadine Miller standing outside by a treeNadine Miller ‘22 

Major(s): Communications and Political Science.

Hometown: Hancock, MN.


I joined the Christensen Scholars because I heard that it was a great opportunity to learn more about faith. I really enjoy the classes and learn a lot of interesting things and Lori Brandt is a great professor to have.


Yordi Adenew ‘22Headshot of Yordi Adenew smiling

Major(s): Management and Marketing with an International Business Minor

Hometown: Brooklyn Park, Ethiopia 


I joined the Christensen Scholars Seminar in hopes of having insightful discussions surrounding Christianity with individuals of different beliefs and perspectives. I was one of Augsburg’s Interfaith Scholars in 2020-2022 and I could not have benefited more from a program! I was able to discover and reflect on different faiths and was hoping the Christiansen Scholar’s Seminar would do the same for me; if not more. So far, I have learned so much about the origins of Christianity as well as getting to reflect on books surrounding the interpretation of the Bible. I wish to gain more out of this class from the wonderful discussions we had during our class led by the amazing professor Dr. Lori Brandt Hale!


Dagi Girma ‘23Headshot of Dagi Girma standing up with his arms crossed in a white hoodie

Major: Computer science

Hometown: Addis Ababa


I am an international student from Ethiopia. I joined this diverse group of students because I wanted to share my experience as I was born and raised in a church that is totally different from the churches in the USA, and also, I wanted to learn more about other students’ journeys. I have also had an amazing volunteering experience as part of the scholarship! 



Headshot of Hope Mwalilino sitting down with her hand by her chinHope Mwalilino ‘23 

Major: Biology

Hometown: Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania


I enjoyed Christensen’s scholars with the aim of exploring and learning about faith, vocation, and religion from different people with different backgrounds. I’m learning how to be engaged with the community and my fellow Christians and understand how to be open-minded and mindful towards people. 


Headshot of Grace Koch Muchahary standing in front of a body of waterGrace Koch Muchahary ’22

Major: Sociology
Hometown: India, Assam
I joined Christensen’s scholar faith because I always want to connect with Campus Ministry and anything that relates to my faith and vocation. Also, learning about my classmate’s beliefs and their faith and growing my own faith and vocation as well.