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Forgotten December Holidays

Did you know there is a holiday almost every day of the month in December? We all know the religious-type holidays this month very well, but what about the forgotten holidays? Holidays like National Chocolate Covered Anything Day or National Flashlight Day. I personally feel as though these holidays don’t get enough credit. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite holidays this month, to bring awareness to these special “forgotten” days.

December 1st – Eat a Red Apple Day:

It seems a little out of season, as winter is descending on us. But as we all know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and today is no different!

December 3rd – National Roof Over Your Head Day: Brownies and coffee.

We take the roof over our head for granted more often than we should. Sit for a moment and truly appreciate that you won’t be outside in the cold today.

December 4th – Wear Brown Shoes Day:

One of the best days of the year! I’ve been waiting a long time to finally break out my new brown shoes. Thank you for this opportunity.

December 8th – National Brownie Day:

The list of things better than a day dedicated to eating food is pretty short. The list of things better than a day dedicated specifically to eating warm, delicious brownies is even shorter. I trust that you all will celebrate this day accordingly.

December 10th – Human Right’s Day:

Due to current events in America, I truly do appreciate this day. The timing seems appropriate. A day to remember that every human has equal rights, and should be treated equally.

December 14th – National Monkey Day:Two monkeys.

Remember when you were a kid and loved seeing all the different kinds of monkeys at the zoo? Now that you know about National Monkey Day, you can spend the second Wednesday in December celebrating the life of Harambe (or any of your favorite monkeys).

December 16th – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day:

I genuinely can’t think of a more perfect National Day. A 24-hour period dedicated to chocolate covered anything. Feel free to bring such items to the StepUP office this day, I’m sure there would be no complaints.

December 19th – Oatmeal Muffin Day:

I love muffins. I do want to celebrate this day, but oatmeal muffins aren’t necessarily my muffin-of-choice. I might “accidentally” mistake an oatmeal raisin muffin for a banana chocolate chip choice. But it would be an accident, so it would still be considered celebrating.

December 21st – Look on the Bright Side Day:

A good day to remember there is an equal amount of good and bad in every situation. We have the power to focus on the good or bad in these situations. This holiday brings to mind a saying my principal quoted over the loudspeaker every single day of my high school education: “Make it a good day or not; the choice is yours.”

December 21st – National Flashlight Day:

Is it a coincidence that Look on the Bright Side Day and National Flashlight Day are on the same day? Hmmm…

December 24th – National Eggnog Day:Child singing.

I included this one, not because I have a passion for this traditional drink, but because every year since I can remember, my grandma saves a glass of eggnog and a cookie for the night of Christmas Eve. It’s so sweet. She’s probably been doing it her whole life. She’s the greatest woman I know and my biggest support, so I felt inclined to give her a little attention.

December 31st – Make Up Your Mind Day:

Thinking about dropping a bad habit? Pursuing a singing career? Starting a clothing line? Stop procrastinating and do it then! Or don’t, I guess. At least make up your mind about it, though.