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Participation & Ticket Information

Guest tickets are required for all guests and will be required for admittance to U.S. Bank Stadium. All tickets will be requested and distributed using our online ticketing system. On February 15, 2022, access to indicate your plans to participate and request tickets will be available for this year’s eligible students.   

Access to Your Augsburg-Issued Email

Communication about Commencement activities and access to Commencement tickets will be handled through your Augsburg-issued email address.  You will need access to this email to log-in to the online system and to get your issued tickets.

Important Information for Students Completing Graduation Requirements Prior to March 1, 2021

Approximately one month after your degree is awarded, you will begin receiving a weekly email in your Augsburg email account warning you of when your account will be disabled and advising you of your options. If you intend to participate in the upcoming Spring 2022 commencement ceremony, please choose the “Hold” option so that your account is kept active for another few months. Otherwise, you will likely run into issues with acquiring commencement tickets from the commencement ticketing system.

Requesting Tickets

Graduating students will indicate their intent to participate in the ceremony and request their needed tickets using the Commencement Participation & Ticket Request Form.  

This form will become available beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 15, 2022.

All eligible graduates will receive an email with information about registering to participate and accessing their tickets in their Augsburg-issued email prior to the access date. This email will include all important details regarding the date and time that tickets will be available, as well as all required log-in information.  Please note that while the site may be accessible prior to the date tickets officially become available, if you attempt to request tickets prior to the start of ticket distribution, you will receive a message indicating you are not eligible for the ceremony.  Your status will change once ticket distribution officially begins.

Ticket Requirements

All guests, including infants and children, will need a ticket to gain admission to U.S. Bank Stadium.

Number of Tickets per Graduate

For access and planning purposes, tickets will be required of all commencement ceremony guests, including infants and children. For 2022, graduates will have access to 25 tickets plus 1 graduate ticket for a total of 26 tickets. So that we can have the most accurate number of expected attendees possible, we ask that you take only the number of tickets that you will realistically need for those that will be attending. The ticketing system will remain available to you until Commencement day, so you are free to go back and order additional tickets should your total number needed increase.

Tickets for Guests with Accessibility Needs

Reserved seating will be available to accommodate those guests who have accessibility needs.  If you require special seating for guests, you will be able to indicate the total number of Accessible Needs tickets you require when submitting your online ticket request.  Please note that in most situations, the guest with the accessible seating needs will be able to have one companion from your group join them in the reserved section.  We ask that the remainder of your group locate seats in the general admission seating areas to ensure our ability to meet the needs of all guests requiring accessible seating.

If you know you will have guests in a wheelchair or with other specific mobility needs, that have hearing or vision impairments, that may have difficulty navigating the stairs for any reason, or that may require any other special accommodations, please carefully read the Accessibility Information page.  Any additional requests about specific accessibility needs can be sent to in advance of the ceremony. 

We also encourage you to share the information located on the Accessibility Information page with your family and friends who will be utilizing those services.

Wheelchair Seating

Reserved seating for guests utilizing a wheelchair will be available on the concourse level on a first-come, first-served basis.  Guests in a wheelchair will be able to have one companion join them in the reserved seating area.

Limited Mobility Seating

Additional reserved seating for guests with mobility concerns (e.g.–difficulty with stairs or walking long distances) will be available near the top of most sections. Guests with limited mobility will be able to have one companion join them in the reserved seating area.  

Seating for those with Hearing Impairments

Reserved seating and access to an ASL interpreter will also be available for those with hearing impairments. Guests in this section will be able to have one companion join them in the reserved seating area.

Ticket Distribution

Immediately upon completing the Commencement Participation and Ticket Request Form, your tickets will be distributed electronically from  The tickets will be attached to this email as a PDF file.  

NOTE:  You MUST fill out the Commencement Participation and Ticket Request form to get your tickets.

Is there a charge for tickets?

No.  Tickets are complimentary to all graduates and their guests.

What do I do if I lost my tickets?

You should have received your tickets to your Augsburg-issued email after completing the request form.  We recommend first searching your Augsburg-issued email account for an email from  If you are still unable to locate the email with your attached tickets, you can log back into your account by going back to the Ticket request page and signing in again. From there, you should be able to navigate to your tickets in your account. If you’re still unable to locate your tickets, please visit the University Events office and your original tickets will be voided and a new set of tickets will be issued.

NOTE:  Each ticket has a unique barcode that will only work one time.  For this reason, we do not recommend you print your tickets more than one time.  If two of your guests receive tickets with the same barcode, only one of those tickets will allow entry to the stadium (whichever arrives first).

Seating Availability

Security access and doors for guests will open at 5:00 p.m. Seating will be available on a first-come, first served basis after that time.  Please carefully read the Security details for US Bank Stadium before arriving at the ceremony to ensure easy access for guests.

Live Webcast of Ceremony

If you have friends and family that are unable to make the trip to Minneapolis to attend the ceremony in person, we will be offering a live webcast of the ceremony.  To view the ceremony, guests can visit on the day of the event.

Additional Ticket Questions?

If you have additional questions about Commencement tickets, please contact the University Events department at or by calling 612.330.1104 (x1104 from on-campus).