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New MSP TechHire Scholars Program

In Partnership with
Fairview Health Services and the City of Minneapolis


TechHire Scholars
Yonas Gebrekristos, Nicolas Adducci, Sara Mueller, Mohamed Sharif, Mohamed Safi Not pictured – Samira Jama

The City of Minneapolis and Fairview Health Services both identified the need to diversify the health information technology field. Funding from the City has enabled Fairview Health Services to partner with Augsburg College to create the MSP TechHire Scholars program. Augsburg students Yonas Gebrekristos, Nicolas Adducci, Sara Mueller, Mohamed Sharif, Mohamed Safi, and Samira Jama will start their semester long internships on September 19.

This partnership with Fairview and the City of Minneapolis will focus on increasing workforce diversity at Fairview and will provide access to IT jobs in the health sector to underrepresented students.

According to the Twin Cities Business Journal, 5,500 tech workers were hired in 2015 in Minnesota. Unfortunately, 20,000 openings went unfilled. With a high level of competition to hire employees with the necessarytechhire skills and education to fill tech positions and a limited amount of H1B visas to hire skilled workers from overseas, it is increasingly apparent that the Twin Cities must create new strategies for developing the future workforce. Collaborative partnerships between employers, government, and academic institutions will create a comprehensive strategy to ensure our region continues to be economically vibrant.

The Model
The pillars of the TechHire program have been carefully selected in response to the unique situation and challenge students of underrepresented communities face while in college and entering the workforce.

The pillars are:

Students are provided a paid internship by the host organization which introduces them to the Health IT field.fairview_brand_teal

A scholarship is provided to cover the cost of credits for the internship. Scholarships alleviate the financial burden students face by reducing the amount of student loan debt and/or the need for a paid work during the school year.

Professional Development
Many of the students enrolled in this program have little-to-no professional business experience. Nor do they have guidance on how to operate in a professional workspace. Augsburg College provides students enrolled in this program workshops on interpersonal communication, professional dress, dealing with conflict, and other topics young professionals face in the workplace.

Through current programs of a similar model 23 scholars have completed 24 separate internships; 80% of scholars have been employed in fields relevant to their degrees; students that participated in this program graduated with about $10,000 less in loan debt than the average Augsburg student.

If your organization is interested in diversifying your workforce and providing opportunities for young professionals, contact Lee George at 612-330-1629 or

Six Auggies Awarded Scholarships from Institute for Mexicans Abroad

IME Becas Award Ceremony


On November 20th, 2014, Consul Alberto Fierro Garza of the Consulate of Mexico in Saint Paul and Guido Arochi, Deputy Director General of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME), presented an IME Fellowship Program grant to Augsburg College to benefit Mexican or Mexican-American students.

Augsburg College will provide a 1:1 match of these scholarship funds, thus providing a total of $24,000 for six current students with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) status.

“Our DACA students inspire us with their resilience and challenge us to stay true to our mission,” said Dulce Monterrubio, Director of Latin@ Student Services. “These funds will assist DACA students by closing the gap in tuition, fees, and out-of-pocket cost so that they can direct their energy and talents towards their studies, internships, and research endeavors.”

Pictured (L to R): Jay D. Peterson, Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations; Miriam Villaldama Lopez (Women’s Studies, ’16); Alan Medina-Gonzalez (Chemistry, ’16); Dulce Monterrubio, Director of Latin@ Student Services; Lori Peterson, Assistant Vice President, Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies; Gabriela Monge Lagunes (Social Work, ’15)

Not Pictured: Julio Velazco Silvar (Pre-Engineering, ’17), Jose Guadarrama (Mathematics, ’16), and Bryan Sanchez Valencia (Psychology, ’17)