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Star Dreamers — the Spirit Water People, Part I: “The Indian System”

January 31, 2014

Stardreamers – The Spirit Water People, Part I: “The Indian System” 

Presented by Sheldon Wolfchild, Director and Mark Diedrich, Historian

“The Indian System,”Stardreamers created by filmmaker Sheldon Wolfchild, is part one of a three-part documentary which traces back into the 1800s interaction of Dakota with the United States Government and the State of Minnesota. Minnesota historians have long-neglected an in-depth digging into the commonly used sources on the Dakota War of 1862. It has never been clearly pointed out that the war was prompted by corruption in the Indian Department. This corruption was exposed decades ago in a book, Lincoln and the Indians, by Dr. David Nichols. Recently Mark Diedrich, an independent historian, has written a study of Little Crow and the Dakota War. These two historians have found out that there was a period of great corruption which continually affected the Treaty relationship between the Dakota and the U.S. government. Furthermore, there was a concerted cover-up by people at the time and later historians ( either knowing or unknowingly ) to protect people that were involved in this corruption. Thus, the Dakota have always been blamed unfairly for the war of 1862. The way the government conducted their Indian affairs was referred to by Bishop Henry Whipple as ” The Indian System “

About the Director:

Sheldon P. Wolfchild is a member of the Lower Sioux Indian Community who has appeared in a number of feature Films and television shows. Wolfchild researched the history of Dakota people in Minnesota and interviewed elders for over 15 years for his documentary film “Star Dreamers – The Spirit Water People.” The film weaves oral and written history and traditional Dakota beliefs together to offer a telling of the Dakota story in a way that text books he grew up reading never did.

Place: Sateren Auditorium, Music Hall, 715 22nd Ave South

Time: 6:30-9:30 pm

  • 6:30-7:00 Introductions
  • Screening begins at 7:00
  • Discussion follows

All events are free to the public.

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