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Alumnus Curt Rice (’84) is Appointed Executive Director at Fulbright Norway

Professor Curt Rice will become the next Executive Director for Fulbright Norway. Curt brings experience in higher education and research from both the United States and Norway to this position. He moved to Norway in 1991 after his PhD work at the University of Texas at Austin. He worked at the University of Trondheim (now NTNU) for two years before moving to the University of Tromsø in 1993 where he remained until 2015. Here he served as the founding director of UiT’s first Center of Excellence among other appointments.

Since then, Curt has served as Rector at both OsloMet (Oslo Metropolitan University) and NMBU (the Norwegian University of Life Sciences). He is a native of Minnesota, a citizen of both Norway and the United States, and a Fulbright alumnus (Belgium 1984-1985). He graduated from Augsburg in 1984.

Internationalization in higher education and research has engaged Curt both personally and professionally throughout his entire career, and as global tensions mount, he finds this work to be even more important. He begins his new position as the Executive Director at Fulbright Norway in August 2024. Congratulations!

New Peace Scholars meet Old(er) Peace Scholars

The Peace Scholars Program gathered newly chosen and past Peace Scholars at Norway House on April 12, 2024. This was a time to connect graduates of this program and to welcome new students who are just starting their journey as Peace Scholars.

All 2023 PS presented their research from Norway (Health Care System, Oil Dependency and the Green Wave, Art, Indigenous Peoples Rights and much more) resulting in deeper understandings of Norwegian topics while also comparing policies between the United States and Norway.

Depicted below are Theresa Akinjo and Heidi Danielson (PS 2023), as well as alumna, Winnie Godi (PS 2016) together with our newly elected Peace Scholars: Sara Sirag and Anna Hudak.

(From left to right: Heidi, Theresa, Anna, Sara, and Winnie)

The Oslo Chamber Choir Visits Augsburg

The Oslo Chamber Choir, made up of 24 professional singers and their director Håkon Nystedt (grandson of the Norwegian choral composer, Knut Nystedt) visited Augsburg University on October 4, 2023 in our Hoversten Chapel. They shared their commitment to Scandinavian folk music, and the music of the traditional choral repertoire. The concert featured a guest appearance by the Augsburg/Mirandola Collective.

The Oslo Chamber Choir was founded in 1984 by Grete Pedersen with the ambition of being one of the absolute top choirs in Norway and an innovative voice in the international arena. Parallel to singing classical repertoire, the choir early started experimenting with Norwegian folk music, and through intensive work together with the best performers in this tradition, the Oslo Chamber Choir has acquired a unique expression by being the only choir where all the singers are profoundly trained in Norwegian folk music singing. During these thirty years of studying Norwegian singing, the choir also worked closely with selected composers who specialized in Norwegian folk music, developing a new way of using this music in a choral setting.

Thank you for coming to campus and for sharing your gift with our community.


Norwegian Prime Minister Visits Minnesota

Our Norwegian exchange students had the opportunity to meet the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre at Norway House on September 17, 2023 for a Fireside Chat. We believe this statement is true: It’s easier to meet celebrities from your own country when abroad!

Norway House Presents: Naïve. Super

Kurt Engh remounts his original stage adaptation of Erlend Loe’s 1995 cult novel, reimagining the 25-year-old Norwegian narrator as a universal every-person.

After an existential crisis at a birthday party, the narrator slows their life to a halt. With only the objects, people and tasks that bring meaning to their life, the narrator pieces their life back together.

Staged using environmental sound, video, an overhead projector and a fax machine, the performer will uncover the play in real time as the audience watches on.



Naïve.Super – a new adaptation of Erlend Loe’s 1995 coming-of-age novel by Kurt Engh


September 1-17, 2023


Norway House, 913 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404


The play is adapted from the 1995 best-selling Norwegian cult novel about a 25-year-old questioning life and purpose. Engh’s adaptation uses experimental theater techniques in a refreshing, comedic text. The play is held in Norway House’s new innovation and culture center, opened by the Queen of Norway last October.


AUTHOR | Erlend Loe
DRAMATURG | Danielle Kincs

New Norway CGEE Program | Launches Fall 2025

Exciting NEWS:

Augsburg University and Østfold University College have signed an MOU for the establishment of a semester-long CGEE program in Fredrikstad, Norway. The program, examining issues related to the Norwegian social welfare model, launches in 2025.

In June, the MOU was signed and we had our faculty meet and develop courses with our Norwegian counterparts. In September 2023, a delegation from Østfold University College will visit Augsburg University.


Norway Alumni Event – June 2023


Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Norway Alumni Event in June, graduation dates rating from 1962 to 2018. It was great to reconnect with all of you; to see the friendships that are still alive and developing, hearing your memories and stories from your time at Augsburg, as well as getting an understanding of your current employments and passions!


A huge THANK YOU to NORAM for their hospitality. Being able to host the event in their offices with a grand view of the Oslo fjord was nothing but spectacular.

The doors at Augsburg are always open for our international alumni, and we look forward to celebrate the 2025 Bicentennial Celebration. We will keep you posted as our plans develop!


Announcing Peace Scholars for 2023-2024

We are excited to introduce the selected Peace Scholars for the 2023-2024 academic school year. Through a vigorous application and interview process, Theresa Akinjo and Heidi Danielsen, have shown that they are the strongest candidates to this program, and we are proud to know they will be representing Augsburg University while in Norway.

Alongside other Peace Scholars from our Lutheran sister sites (Concordia College, Luther College, Pacific Lutheran College and St. Olaf College), these two students will participate in the annual summer Peace Scholars program in Norway, designed to deepen students’ understanding of the central issues and theories regarding conflict, war and peace, as well as attend the University of Oslo International Summer School.

We want to thank Gary Smaby (The Smaby Family Foundation) and Liv Dahl for their generous financial support.


Theresa Akinjo is a rising senior studying Biopsychology. She is a first-generation Nigerian born and raised in Minnesota.

Theresa is a member of the Sankofa Circle Fellowship, where students are instilled with west African principles of success to further educate and dismantle anti-black racism and oppression as they continue onto their professional careers, whilst learning about the importance of equity and inclusion.

Alongside having a dedication to social justice and equity in the Black/African community, Theresa hopes to promote black physical and mental wellness and eradicate health disparities towards all marginalized communities. A lover of architecture and home design, Theresa dreams of designing homes to participate in an integrated affordable housing program.

Heidi Danielson is a rising junior at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN where she is majoring in Social Work. Previously she was involved in the Albert H. Small Normandy Institute, a rigorous program designed to fill in the educational gaps in World War II history. In the Normandy Institute, Heidi explored the societal impacts of World War II, published a biography for a fallen soldier, and gave a eulogy at the Normandy American Cemetery.

Her experience in France fostered a passion for international peace relations through seeing the gravity of loss and the atrocities committed during times of war. Outside of school, Heidi works as a daycare teacher and gymnastics coach, advocating for affordable, empathetic childcare.

In the future, Heidi strives to pursue a career in hospital social work and increase healthcare accessibility for marginalized communities. She hopes to use peace building skills to create a more equitable environment in her remaining time at college and later career.

Steinar Bryn Visits Augsburg: March 9, 2023

Lecture on Conflict Resolution in Ukraine


Dr. Steinar Bryn shared his wisdom, thoughts and ideas regarding the complicated war on Ukraine on March 9, 2023. Several students—studying political science, social work as well as our two newly selected Peace Scholars— joined us in this important conversation.

Bryn has been a longtime friend of Augsburg University, especially due to his important work at the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue in Lillehammer (Norway), and has been instrumental in the Peace Scholars program (including our 5 sister colleges founded by Norwegian immigrants) for several years. Back in 2017, our Interfaith Scholars participated in dialogue training taught by Steinar Bryn as well.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and obtained a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. He has been connected to the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer throughout his working life, serving as a teacher, director and research scholar. From 1996 he took charge of Nansen Dialog, a dialogue and reconciliation project directed toward the Western Balkans. In that role, he facilitated several hundred dialogue meetings between people in deep conflict.

Dr. Steinar Bryn is recognized as one of the most experienced dialogue facilitators in Europe.


Noram Delegation visits Augsburg University

We had the pleasure of hosting the NORAM delegation to Augsburg’s campus early December 2022.

From left: Hanne Aaberg, Knut Brakstad, Paul Pribbenow, Bettine Hoff Hermanson, and Peder Løvenskiold

Noram (Norway America Association) is a non-profit membership association whose purpose is to strengthen the bonds between Norway and North America. The historical and political bonds between Norway, the United States and Canada are strong, and we have a shared value basis. NORAM works to ensure that new generations get to know each other on both sides of the Atlantic, including through study and research stays for Norwegians and North Americans over longer periods of time. For over 100 years, NORAM has strived for transatlantic cooperation and helped more than 5,000 students with scholarships and advising. 

If you are interested in checking out their resources (or applying for scholarships) please visit the Noram website.