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roommatepalooza at soar

The last event of Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) is RoommatePalooza!

RoommatePalooza is an event where incoming first year students reserve their exact room with their chosen roommate.


Frequently Asked Questions:

My roommate is attending a different SOAR. What do I do?
Each of you should attend the Roommate Palooza at your SOAR individually, and each confirm that you want to live together. The person attending the later SOAR should complete the Roommate Confirmation Form.

I already know who I want to live with. What do I do?
That’s great! Hang on to that information and make sure that both you and your future roommate are ready to attend Roommate Palooza together, or separately while writing each other’s name down. You’ll be able to pick your room at RoommatePalooza!

I can’t attend SOAR. Am I out of luck?
Not at all! We’ll find roommates for you and place you in the best possible arrangement.

What if I don’t know who I want to live with before I attend?
That is very common; you are not alone! We hold this event right after SOAR so that you have the opportunity to meet your peers. And don’t worry, there will be lots of other students also looking for roommates at the event. If you meet someone, great! If not, we’ll help you find a good match. Many students also use the incoming class Facebook page. Search “Class of (your graduating year here) Augsburg University” or ask your admissions counselor to connect you to the page!

What kinds of questions should I ask my potential roommate?
A lot of times students forget to talk through what types of schedules they typically have: How early they go to bed, how early they like to get up, if they like having friends in the room, what kind of lifestyle habits they have, and their planned campus involvement (clubs, athletics, extra-curricular activities).
With any other questions, please contact us!