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Director Emily Long

Emily Long (she/her/hers)

Director of Residence Life


Office Location: Mortensen Hall 19

Emily has worked in student affairs since 2010 and received her undergraduate degree from Regis University in Denver and her Masters in Education with a focus in Student Development Administration from Seattle University. Before coming to Augsburg, Emily worked in residence life at a variety of institutions across the country, including Colorado College, Emerson College in Boston, and Merrimack College in Massachusetts. 

As the Director of Residence Life, Emily provides leadership and vision to the department and helps drive the department’s goal of helping students become responsible, respectful, and resourceful citizens. She works with the Central Staff, RAs, and departments across campus to create a residential environment that fosters a sense of belonging in which students feel they can be their authentic selves by providing opportunities for care, choice, and connection throughout their college experience. She believes building meaningful relationships across all levels of the institution allows students the opportunity to reflect and increase their self-awareness and help them reach their full potential

Outside her role, Emily enjoys being outdoors exploring the woods, writing, and spending time with her husband, Will, and their two children, Addy and Ian.


Assistant Director of Residence Life


Office Location: Urness / Mortensen Lobby 7A


Residence Hall Director, Mortensen Hall


Office Location: Urness/ Mortensen Lobby

Mortenson Residence Hall Director Ashley AdegeyeAshley Adegeye (she/her/hers)

Residence Hall Director, Luther/Anderson Halls

Interim Residence Hall Director, Mortensen Hall


Office Location: Urness / Mortensen Lobby 6

Ashley is an Augsburg University alum and received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry. Ashley was very involved at Augsburg during her undergrad and worked in the Department of Residence Life for 3 years. After graduating in 2019, Ashley transitioned into the Residence Director role.

As a Residence Director, Ashley fosters a sense of community, belonging and engagement within the residence halls by working with student staff members to host welcoming events, build meaningful relationships, and have thoughtful and intentional interactions. It is Ashley’s hope that by living on campus, students feel safe and comfortable, make thoughtful decisions that contribute to their growth, and are able to explore and engage in new ideas.

Outside of her role, Ashley spends her time cooking/baking, exploring new places, spending time with family, and binge watching tv shows on Netflix.


Residence Hall Director, Urness Hall


Office Location: Urness / Mortensen Lobby 5

Elizabeth Charnell (she/her/hers)Residential Business Manager Elizabeth Charnell

Residential Business Manager/ Residence Hall Director, Oren Gateway Center

Interim Residence Hall Director, Urness Hall


Office Location: Anderson Hall 102 A

Elizabeth received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in La Crosse, Wisconsin and her graduate degree from the University of St. Thomas in Leadership in Student Affairs. She has worked in higher education for nearly a decade and has previously worked at colleges in Alaska, Oregon, Florida, North Carolina, and China. 

As the Residential Business Manager, Elizabeth provides operational support for the business side of Residence Life such as billing, occupancy, and other housing processes. In addition to the business support, she works closely with the Residence Hall Directors to help create a positive community experience. It is Elizabeth’s hope to provide a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for students to thrive in during their time on campus. 

Outside of her role, Elizabeth enjoys sports, traveling, trying new restaurants in the Twin Cities area, powerlifting, and CrossFit. She also enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her adorable dogs, Gizmo and Minnie.