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Facilities FAQ


I noticed a facilities issue in my residence hall. What should I do?

Please submit a facilities work request online. Make sure to submit a request even if you have talked to or sent an email to Residence Life, the Department of Public Safety, Facilities Management, or any other department.


How quickly will the facilities department respond to my work request? 

Facilities Management strives to respond to work requests within five business days. Within this general timeframe, it depends on the type of issue you are reporting and how many other requests are in the queue. Non-emergency requests are processed in the order they are received.

In the event of an emergency (e.g., pipe burst, overflowing toilet) please contact the Department of Public Safety at 612-330-1717 in addition to submitting a facilities work request.


How do I know if my facilities work request has been completed?

You will receive an email letting you know that your work request has been completed. 

In addition, when visiting a room to respond to a work request, Facilities Management staff will leave a card behind to make sure students know someone has been there. The card will indicate whether the work has been completed or if additional work still has to be done. The card also contains information about who to contact with any further questions regarding the work order.


I submitted a facilities work request but it has not been addressed yet. Should I submit my request again?

No. Please only submit one request per issue. If you are a residential student and have not heard a response from Facilities Management within five business days, please contact

However, if an issue returns after being addressed, then you should submit a new work request. 


Why was my work order rejected?

Sometimes multiple students submit a facilities work request for the same issue—for example, roommates both report the same problem in their unit. If there are duplicate requests, one will be accepted and the others will be “rejected.” This does not mean that the work order is being ignored; it just means that the work orders are being consolidated into a single request.


Why are there two different numbers attached to a facilities work request?

When you submit a facilities work request, you will receive an automatic request number by email. Once Facilities Management accepts the work request and assigns it to a staff member, you will receive a work order number by email. This number usually begins with an “FA-” or “CU-”. When you inquire about a project, please reference the work order number that starts with “FA-” or “CU-”.


What is the process for dealing with pests in the residence halls?

Whether apartments buildings or residence halls, shared living spaces sometimes experience pests. For the comfort and safety of our residential students, Facilities Management prioritizes pest-related work orders, taking the following escalating steps:


  1. Initial evaluation and treatment by Augsburg staff. If there are concerns about room cleanliness, Residence Life will be informed and will work with the student to address those issues.
  2. As needed, contract external pest control specialist for assessment and treatment recommendation (may include no treatment, chemical treatment, or heat treatment)
  3. As needed, coordinate with external specialist to proceed with recommended treatment(s)

Students are strongly encouraged to report pest issues so that the university can quickly respond, identify patterns, and prevent future concerns.


How can I prevent pests in my residence hall?

The most important thing students can do to prevent pests is to maintain a clean room. Empty your trash regularly, compost leftover food, and take out recyclables. Clean up spills and crumbs promptly and wipe down surfaces after cooking and eating. Keep your floors clean by regularly vacuuming and sweeping up crumbs (and don’t overlook couch cushions). 

Don’t have your own cleaning supplies? Students can check out free cleaning supplies and vacuums through Residence Life or the ShareShop (Science Hall, room 8B) at any time.


What do I do if I have concerns or issues about the keys, bedposts, and/or microfridges for my room?

You can submit a work order through your Housing Portal under ‘RCR/Damages.’ If you have any additional questions, please email


What if I have an issue with the laundry machines?

You can submit a work order through our third party vendor, CSC Works. If you have any additional questions, please email