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The Research Begins!

Our research began on Sunday, October 22, 2017. We are conducting site visits at 12 different congregations across the Twin Cities who have been identified as communities of faith engaged in effective ministry with young adults. We are seeking to learn from them by observing their ministry with young adults, conducting focus groups with their active young adults, interviewing key leaders, and surveying their entire congregations. We will conduct these site visits throughout the fall and winter. We will spend the winter and spring analyzing these visits and distilling our findings down into key components of effective ministry with young adults. The visits, interviews, and analysis will be completed by an interdisciplinary research team of eight faculty members from Augsburg University including . . .

Adriane Brown, Assistant Professor and Director of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

James A. Vela-McConnell, Professor of Sociology

Jeremy Myers, Associate Professor of Religion

Joseph Underhill, Associate Professor of Political Science

Kristen Chamberlain, Associate Professor & Chair of Communication Studies

Nishesh Chalise, Assistant Professor of Social Work

Stacy R. Freiheit, Associate Professor of Psychology

Terrance Kwame-Ross, Associate Professor of Education