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The Sabo Center presents…

Last month Augsburg University hosted the Midway Chamber of Commerce annual Leadership Summit on June 19. 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey gave the keynote address at the luncheon, where he talked about the City’s directives around sustaining healthy communities, the importance of leadership and more. Prior to Mayor Frey’s address, participants chose among two sessions including one led by Sabo Center director, Elaine Eschenbacher:

Thinking Together: The Power of Deliberative Dialogue 

Deliberative dialogue is a form of discussion aimed at finding the best course of action. Leaders can use deliberative dialogue to productively engage a group to explore the most promising avenues for action on a complex issue. Deliberation breaks us out of the culture of polarization and extremism that seems to increasingly prevail in public discourse. It promotes learning and problem solving, listening and understanding across lines of difference and can lead to collective action. It can shift groups of people from seeing each other as adversaries to seeing each other as collaborators and uses facts and arguments as key tools for solving problems together. This workshop is designed to engage participants in a deliberative practice to explore a sample topic, the national debt, then consider the application of this process for other issues in our professional environments.