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City and Community

A Sociology Major provides an excellent foundation for urban careers working for government like urban planning departments or public administration and for non profit organizations such as affordable housing developers or as community organizers. It also provides a great background for working in real-estate development or an architecture degree.

If you’re interested in an urban career, talk with Nancy Fischer ( about graduate school options in Urban Planning, Architecture or Community Development.

If an urban career might be in your future, check out the following classes as you complete your Sociology Major:

Essential Courses:

  • City Life: Intro. to Urban Sociology (COM 111)
  • Race, Class and Gender (SOC 265)
  • The City and Metro-Urban Planning (SOC 381)
  • Internship in Urban-Related Organizations (SOC 399)

Relevant Courses:

Inside Sociology:

  • Sociology of Organizations (SOC 349)
  • Sustainable Cities in North America (study abroad) (SOC 295)

Outside Sociology:

  • Social Justice in Urban America (POL 122)
  • History of Architecture after 1750 (ART 244)
  • U.S. Environmental History (HIS 316)
  • Designed Environment (ART 249/349)


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) classes (Macalester, St. Thomas)
  • HECUA study abroad and study-in-the-city programs such as:
  • Metro-Urban Studies Term
  • Scandinavia Urban Studies Term
  • City Arts Program
  • Environmental Sustainability