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Application Requirements

Scholastic Connections is a scholarship and mentorship program for high-achieving undergraduate students of color (American Indian, Hispanic/Latino, Pan-Afrikan and Pan Asian) at Augsburg University.  It is designed to assist students succeed at Augsburg and beyond.  Admission to the program happens through an application and interview process.  A selection committee reviews applications and selects the winners.

Each year five new recipients are selected.  Recipients receive a $5000 scholarship for the academic year and are paired with a mentor who is a successful alum of color.  Program participation may be renewed for succeeding years provided Scholars meet the eligibility requirements as detailed on the Scholastic Connections Accountability Standards document.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must have demonstrated financial need as determined by the Augsburg financial aid office

Applicants must have demonstrated involvement in their community, on or off campus

Applicants must have demonstrated leadership abilities or potential

Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5

Not Eligible:  Students who have full tuition scholarships (Promise Scholars, Act 6 Scholars, full President Scholars, etc.)

Student Application Process

Applicants must complete the following:

1) Scholastic Connections Application (due 2/28) – Student Application

2)  One letter of recommendation from someone other than a family member (due 2/28) – Recommendation Form

Incoming freshmen should have a completed financial aid file by 2/28

Selection Process

A selection committee will meet at the beginning of March to determine recipients.

All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by mid March. If you have questions or would like additional information please contact  Multicultural Student Services at