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Thank You to Our Volunteers

Group of Auggies stands in front of Old Science, those in front hold signs which together spell "thank you"Year after year we are consistently amazed by the faithfulness and generosity of our Auggie volunteers. Yet, upon reflection, we understand that Augsburg is the result of selflessness given from one generation to support the next one.

Auggies globally share in learning, living, discovering our gifts, and matching these gifts with the world’s most important needs. We as Auggies are called to question, to act, to serve our neighbor, and to make an impact.

To ensure that these uniquely Augsburg experiences endure for generations to come, we need support, and our volunteers understand this with exceptional clarity. We owe them a debt of gratitude for the way they deploy their energy and inventiveness in service to our college.

So to all of you volunteers, we extend our sincere thanks and our deep appreciation for everything that you do for the Augsburg community.