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Parent News from Student Financial Services

The Fall 2015 billing statements were electronically sent to all registered students on July 9; the due date is August 1. Students can view their statements by logging into and selecting “Records & Registration.” Click on “Make a Payment/Account Activity/Statement History” and then view or download “Augsburg Bill.” To view a student’s transaction history, follow all previous steps except select “Click here to view transaction history;” this is a more comprehensive and detailed view of a student’s account.

All students are encouraged to give parents/guardians access to view their billing statements. Students must log in to Inside Augsburg and select “Make a Payment/Account Activity” on the right hand menu. Click “View your online student account” and follow the instructions under “Parent/Third Party Access Instructions – Make a Payment.”

All students are still eligible to enroll in Augsburg’s online payment plan; however, the payments will be divided into four monthly payments if the application was not completed by July 30. Students must log in to and select “Make a Payment/Account Activity” on the right hand menu. Click “Payment Plans and Discounts” and follow the instructions under “Augsburg Online Payment Plan.” To ensure four monthly payments, the application must be completed by August 26.

To comply with FERPA regulations, students must complete the online Information Release form in order for our office to communicate with anyone besides themselves. The student must log into their Augnet Account at or and click on “Records and Registration.” Under “Information Release” they need to “Add an Authorization.” They will enter the full name and email address of the party/parties they are giving permission for us to communicate with. Next, select “Financial Aid/Finances Release” and then click “Save.” Please note that we will be unable to speak with any parent/guardian that has not been authorized by the student.