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Augsburg Associates

                                                     Augsburg Associates Board

(L-R Back Row) Eunice Dietrich ’65,  Jerelyn Cobb ’63, Livi Smith ’64, Carol Langness ’65

(L-R Front Row) Janet Anderson ’76, Lois Larsen ’62,  Carla Walgren ’64,  Sara Strom ’63

Not Pictured Marlys Thorsgaard ’57, Jessica Wahto ’98, Karen Steenson ’64


The Augsburg University Associates is a group of volunteers whose mission includes fundraising for special projects and scholarships in support of the university. The Associates’ commitment to the University is evident in their ongoing support through fundraising events including Velkommen Jul and the Scandinavian boutique. The funds raised throughout the year supports special projects and scholarships.

Become a new member or renew your membership with the 2019/2020 Membership Form. You can also fill this form out online and choose the designation “Augsburg Associates Membership Dues”. For any questions or concerns, you can call 612-330-1171 or

Catch up with the Associates on the Augsburg Alumni Flicker Site

2019 Arboretum Event 

Velkommen Jul 2018

2018 Fall Brunch