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The Art and Importance of Celebrating

Written by Ellen Weber

A photo of Adrienne smiling while sitting in a chair on the left side. On the right, cans of pop, chocolate bars and kettle BBQ chips in celebration of Adrienne's birthday.
Our birthday celebration day for Adrienne at our CCV Staff meeting in May.

The work of being the public church in the neighborhood, of being a vital neighbor in the world, is the work of our lives. There is no graduation. It is a journey that always is and always was. We are called to show up with curiosity, humility and our full selves as neighbors. This work can be exhausting and feel never-ending. So we have learned the power in celebrating along the way. Celebrating the small ways we have been able to be transformed by being in relationship with our neighbors. It reminds us of the hope and the joy in this work. 

At the Center of Vocation we pause throughout the year at milestones throughout the year to reflect and share the joy of being in relationship with others doing this work. We love celebrating and sharing things that are happening in the work and outside of the work in our lives. We especially love celebrating through yummy treats! 

In the spirit of this season of celebrating, we wanted to share with you what we have been celebrating on our team:

For sale sign with "sold" at the bottom.



Jeremy: I’m celebrating that we were able to sell our home quickly and easily, allowing our family to move into the next chapter of our lives.




Facilitator Geoffrey and his cohort posing as a group for a selfie Geoffrey: During our sustainability retreat, Cathy crafted the shawl with her own hands. It was during this creative process that she caught sight of me and felt a deep inspiration to offer it as a heartfelt gift. I was incredibly moved and filled with gratitude. The moment she completed it and presented it to me, I was filled with a profound sense of humility. Since then, I have incorporated the shawl into my daily prayer and meditation routine. It has become an integral part of my mornings, akin to experiencing a warm and comforting embrace from God each and every day.


Marie dressed up like she is in the 80's with sunglasses and purple and blue hair.



Kristina: Marie’s 80’s concert! I loved seeing my kid doing something they love! 




Amanda's cat on the left in the sun belly up. The dog Buddy on the right on a walk. Amanda: 

I’m celebrating taking time to stop and smell the roses (dandelions).

After a long and busy winter, it feels like a gift to spend quality time at home with furry friends and bask in the sunlight. In a few weeks, I just wrapped up my role as congregational facilitator, and I’m excited to step into summer with more time to rest, explore, and rekindle curiosity. Taking any and all favorite hiking trail recommendations! 

(Amanda will stay on RIH staff in a part time capacity managing the Young Adult Book Project, so don’t worry, she is still around!). 

The pitbull/lab mix dog Buzz Dublin who is laying on the couch. Ellen: 

I am celebrating the ways that I am helping create community through the sports league I run with friends. It has been a joy seeing old and new faces as the spring season kicked off. It has been energizing to think about the ways we can help create ways for people to build by moving their bodies together through softball, adult P.E. soccer and more!

After the long winter, to be in a community outside again brings new life. And of course, celebrating lots of outside time with our favorite pup Buzz Dublin.