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Great Returns: We’re All In

Great Returns is a campaign in conjunction with Augsburg’s Sesquicentennial celebration, which began Fall 2019. This campaign is focused on building our endowment, including endowed scholarships and professorships, to ensure our vital and sustainable future, plus:

  • Renovating Old Main, the oldest building on campus and a historic landmark important to the university’s identity
  • Designing and developing a campus-wide Urban Arboretum that transforms the outdoor campus into a space for education, research, and community engagement
  • Constructing a new ice arena to support Augsburg’s nationally-renown hockey program

Why Focus on the Augsburg Endowment?

For Augsburg, a growing endowment means long-term stability, fiscal responsibility, and financial viability. For donors, endowment giving has many benefits.

  • An endowment gift can perpetuate the donor’s values; it can provide assurance that programs that are important to the donor will thrive far into the future.
  • Because an endowment gift will be invested permanently, it can serve as a lasting tribute and make visible the donor’s values for future generations.
  • Many donors make larger endowment gifts through estate giving and receive great satisfaction from making a contribution from assets accumulated over their lifetimes.
  • Some kinds of endowment gifts—split interest gifts—pay income to the donor for life, with the remainder going to Augsburg’s endowment after the donor’s death. These kinds of gifts can provide a stable income to the donor during retirement or can help the donor meet family obligations.
Nancy Mueller, President Paul Pribbenow and Paul Mueller
Nancy Mueller ’85, Regent, President Paul Pribbenow and Paul Mueller ’84, Regent Emeritus. Photo courtesy of Coppersmith Photography.

Meet Campaign Chair Paul Mueller

Paul Mueller ’84, M.D., serves as Great Returns Campaign Chair. See his updates to the campaign on our Great Returns blog.

“Through endowed funds, we can invest in students and faculty and produce great returns for many generations to come. For example, a gift to an Augsburg endowed fund for scholarships can help ensure that an Augsburg education is affordable in perpetuity.” – Paul Mueller ’84, Regent Emeritus


Charitable Investments


Designated as an estate gift by Eric Browning Larson ’75, this was established to champion learning that takes root in college but continues to grow through the experiential education of travel, navigating career challenges, and cultivating creative pursuits.


Committed to establish a signature academic program fund which will enhance, nurture, and increase the effectiveness of Augsburg’s choral music program by supporting student scholarships, private music lessons for students, and general choral music program expenses.


A new, unrestricted scholarship created to support students in financial need, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Augsburg University’s founding.

See this information in a printable pdf.